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6 Feng Shui Tips When You’re Stuck in a Rut

Two months ago, I started following a feng shui specialist on Instagram and after reading this post, I thought about how closely connected the idea of Fiercing Forward is with Feng Shui. That is a simple action, we can shift energy from negative to positive. Her tagline is “live what you love” and if that doesn’t just fit the bill with how we roll at Fierce Forward, I don’t know what does! Amanda loves bright and bold colors, has two of the cutest twin girls ever, wears poppy red lipstick on the daily because it makes her feel fierce, she makes power moves and is a Texan who leads retreats helping women find their feng shui flow. I’m envisioning an Empowerment retreat with her…crystals, margaritas, good energy and flowers, oh yes. Without further ado, here is my girl, Amanda Gibby Peters, dishing out six feng shui tips on how to get out of a rut, stat!

Amanda Gibby Peters is a Dallas-based feng shui consultant and blogger with an international clientele. She believes feng shui is about living with what you love. She lives with her husband and twin daughters, and chronicles her work Simple Shui.

6 Feng Shui Tips When You’re Stuck in a Rut

by Amanda Gibby Peters

Consider this: a home is where we are most expressive, authentic, and vulnerable; it holds our memories; it provides refuge from the world; and in so many ways, our home is the sacred space that restores us. Unfortunately, we often scrutinize it as mere architecture or a status symbol – and that leaks potent powers from our potential.

What I know for sure is what’s happening around you is what’s happening within you. When we get our homes in order, we stop tolerating and accommodating what isn’t working for us. And this one change accelerates our personal growth and triggers new opportunities worth grabbing.

When Ashley and I spoke, I immediately fell head over heels with her mission: to inspire, motivate, and empower others to be their fiercest selves. Like Fierce Forward, Simple Shui is also about self-empowerment – specifically, it’s using our living and working spaces to influence our lives.

Love becomes a daily celebration – one that feels like inspiration, no obligation – when we live in a way that fuels energetic integrity. So, if you’re ready to reclaim your space and become receptive to the deliciously ripe opportunities well within your reach, here are a few shui power moves to get the party started:


Most people think of clutter as something they’ll eventually get to, but while they’re waiting, here’s what actually happens: We struggle to stay focused on what is really essential (family, health, self-care, and financial freedom) because our clutter competes for and demands our attention, too. When we don’t prioritize our space, our things call the shots. And clutter isn’t just the ugly junk drawer or closet no one opens. It’s the prettiest, too. The things we hold onto because of cost and labels, or validation from friends and style-makers.

Ask yourself these questions: Does this remind me of neglected goals or unlikable people? Am I holding onto this purely out of obligation? Am I afraid if I let this go, I’ll need it later and the Universe won’t be there to help? If you’re nodding YES, release it. Clutter, in all its shapes and sizes, keeps us ambivalent – on a treadmill going NOWHERE – in our lives. And the more unnecessary things we have in our homes, the more unnecessary strife we carry. Let it go, and you’ll instantly improve your life conversation. If you want to make some more space in your house but you don’t want to get rid of any possessions, consider getting a secure self storage unit to put your belongings in. It’ll make your house feel much bigger and it means you won’t have to throw anything away.


While we can’t all travel or relocate as often as we might wish, we can entice new experiences into our lives by shuffling things around. Our subconscious is a little genius, running the show. But she gets bored when everything looks, feels, stays the same every single day. Slough off the familiarity and spruce things up. Move the furniture. Switch up the bookshelves. Change the bedding. Roll up the rugs for half a year. Reach for the pretty plates. Plant something new outside. Paint a room a color you’re craving. Use pink light bulbs instead of white. Participate regularly in a few small changes around you, and you’ll clear mental pollution like a breeze.


Sunlight and moonbeams, lamps and chandeliers, candles and fire pits, twinkling lights and night lights –light, in all its radiant expressions, is positive energy. You may be thinking, how about some small floor lamps? The addition of lamps could also create a great atmosphere within any room! The more light, the better, especially white light as it looks a lot more like natural lighting.

So, let illumination scatter everywhere. Need a kick in the
So, let illumination scatter everywhere. Need a kick in the tail feather? Turn the wattage up, making things active and bright. Seeking some TLC? Pare down the house lights, and let a few candles flicker. And if nothing else, make it a ritual once a day to stand where it’s shining.

Clean the windows, giving natural light the VIP treatment. Windows represent our ability to see life clearly. If weather and grime coat them, we aren’t seeing the whole picture. If something is being concealed or hidden from us, especially when making difficult decisions, it often comes to light within days of the windows being cleaned. Thinking of replacing your windows to give your home a fresh, bright and vibrant feel? Tilt-and-turn windows are a brilliant hybrid option that will complement almost any room.


Think of it as out with the old, in with the new abracadabra. The air around us literally rearranges when we open the windows. However, since windows can’t stay open all the time, keep a stash of beeswax candles handy. They curate magic all their own. They have a long burn time; they are hypo-allergenic and additive-free, and they generate negative ions – nature’s own feel-good vibes. And whenever possible, a deep breath is an excellent emotional flush and uncomplicated way to move stale, stuck energy out of our lives.


Happy photos often adorn the walls and shelves of a home. But if nothing ever changes, it can begin to feel like “noise” that drowns out our instincts and intuition. If this resonates with you, contemplate taking the photos down for a week and let space breathe. If any photos are from way, way back, update them. We get stuck in the past when that is what we constantly see. Make sure to love what you see. Before you return any picture to its designated spot, edit out what doesn’t light you up and return what remains with renewed appreciation.


Whether it’s common sense or mysterious juju, when we purposely place something of beauty in our surroundings, it nourishes energy. Pair this with an intention, and that object of beauty becomes a powerful talisman. The eye prowls for beauty, and energy follows the eye. Imagine putting fresh flowers in a room with clutter. The blooms are impossible to ignore, right? Eventually, there is an unexplained pull to weed out the distractions, and we begin prioritizing simplicity and substance instead. And therein lies the irrefutable influence of one beautiful thing.

Everything around you is an invitation to guide the energy in your life toward something more positive. So, if your attention is being tugged to a room or project, know this: that space is likely corresponding to something in your life you really want to change. Lean into your intuition, listen to her request, and start there. Because even if you don’t understand why, your house does and it’s guiding you to a solution. Life imitates our homes, so when we empower our surroundings, we simultaneously empower ourselves.

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