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7 Books Every Girl Should Read in 2017

Starting a book club in 2016 was both fun and rewarding. Reading is such a powerful tool in learning and it is always there for us (you can find the 2016 book list here). I put together a list of the 7 most powerful books I have read, that every fierce woman should read in 2017. Enjoy!

  1. Be by AC Ping: This is the first book I read on my journey of Fiercing Forward. Be is the first book in a series of four. Do is the next and is the perfect segway from Be. By his easy to follow writing style and quotations from Yoda, it opened my eyes to the idea of being in the present first and foremost.
  2. Do by AC Ping: Do is all about taking action, the step after being present. It follows Be so wonderfully, I’ve reread these books ten times over.
  3. A Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic: Nick was born without arms and legs and inspired me to new levels, to not only have gratitude for all the abundance in my life but to use what I have to the best of my ability and live a life of purpose.
  4. The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz: The ancient Toltec’s lived a way of life based on love and the mastery of it. This story and credo has been passed down generation after generation and Don Miguel shares how to master love in all relationships of you life, even including the self.
  5. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene’ Brown: Brene shares how to throw away the *idea of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are! It’s a short, fast read.
  6. Forging Self Confidence by David Rutherford: David takes you through his navy seal training and how he forged self confidence through heart, action and never giving up. My favorite book of the 7.
  7. Primary Greatness by Stephen Covey: Stephen Covey is a mentor to me. I am Certified in his 7 Healthy Habits of Highly Effective People and it has helped me so much in how I live my life. In this book, he talks about two choices in life…

Comment below, which one are you going to read first?






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  1. Avatar

    Going to read all of them. A little journey into becoming more of me! Carrying my love of reading into caring for me.

  2. Avatar

    nicole, I”m so glad you can put these on your list for 2017!
    Take your time, I love to read things slowly. xo

  3. Avatar

    I need an extra hour in my day to do all the reading I want to do!!! These 7 will go in my stack of must reads!!! Thank you Ash

  4. Avatar

    hi Amanda it is there now! :)

  5. Avatar

    I did not see a #7…. What’s the book? :) I’m excited to start reading these! The mastery of love book I have and it’s a wonderful read!!!