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Own Everything You Are Girlfriend!

We always want to be somewhere we’re not and we always want to be someONE we’re not. I had a moment in Boulder this past weekend that hit me at my core. I had this realization that one of the most important feelings I want to have in my life is FREEDOM. I have been through many downs on my Body Journey and while I may not have a perfect anything I started asking myself what happiness means to me. And the answer was one word: freedom. As I create a new collection of armor and move forward with new openings at what I’m doing with my life, I have come full circle. Everything is about doing your best, working hard, moving towards goals, treating your body good, having positive thoughts, being of service to others, lifting heavy weights because they empower me, having the damn donut if i want it, ridding toxicity from my life, understanding that the only opinions of myself that truly matter are the ones I have of myself and mostly, living that which I declare through Fierce Forward.

I want to say that it is more important to realize that you already are beautiful. You, your soul…who you are and yes even your little buddha belly…if it is YOU, then that is beautiful. Be proud of yourself for being healthy, for nourishing your body and don’t forget that nourishing your mind and spirit are just as important!! The truth is, we are all beautiful. We can all move fiercely forward towards More whilst being happy with where we are right now. THAT is the path. That is freedom. So next time you feel insecure because of the stretch marks you have, because of the scar on your forehead, having a little buddha belly or bidonkadonk or are worried people may not like who you are…just say FUck it and OWN THAT SHIT. I am a size 10 and I weigh 183 and I no longer wish to hide any truths.

“The way I feel is the way I ride…there is a truth and its on our side” (from one of my favorite songs) I don’t care about holding back. I care about living my truth and that includes owning who I am and where I am at in THIS moment. I am healthy and these are heathy thoughts. You are beautiful and that is the truth. #bodylove #fiercebodylove

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    This is brilliant

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    Bodylove is an interesting fact in every relationship !

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    This is brilliant !

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    I follow Fierce Forward on Facebook and was thinking about this post the other day and how amazing it is. I’m almost 6 months pregnant with my second child and have been having a HORRIBLE time with body image this time around. The first one was difficult as well (when you have ED history, gaining weight that is mostly out of your control is hard). I’ve been letting others’ comments get the best of me. Yes I started heavier is time around and will therefore finish heavier. I am so happy to be pregnant a second time, but some days I feel guilty that I am not rocking my super fit body that I had, only with a bump (I teach group fitness and do personal training. The members at our club have ridiculous expectations of what I should look like and not look like). And then I feel guilty for letting ANYthing steal my baby joy. On really bad days, I tell myself that I remember “what works” and if that’s what it takes, I’ll return to those things (read: unhealthy behaviors) but THIS. THIS POST really stuck with me and inspired me to try to start owning everything about my body. It is not easy. Every day can be a struggle emotionally, and those who’ve never been down that path cannot truly understand. But I want to feel that way too – that fuck everything and own that shit attitude.

    So I guess what I am trying to say is thank you for sharing this. Thank you for your honesty and dedication to empowering all of us with self love.

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    Beautiful! Now, to internalize your words and make them part of my daily thinking…

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    Carrie, THANK YOU so much for your kind words. I am so happy it empowered you and hit home for you. Stay you and thank you again.

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    Ashley – for serious. This is FUCKING AWESOME! Sorry for the language but at times it’s ab-so-fucking-lutely necessary to convey a point:) This post brought me to tears. It hit home in such a massive way. And, you threw your size and weight right out there like a BAMF. I am so proud of you, of us, of this tribe. I am so lucky to be a part of such an amazing group of women who inspire, lift and love EVERY SINGLE DAY. Awesome — just fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!