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A Soulful Journey

For this Throwback Thursday, I found this photo while going through old emails and had some major heart shifting thoughts about the journey I’ve bene on.

What a journey it has been, a soulful one above all else. It’s interesting to have once had something and then lost it because of poor choices made along the way. But I know along the way, after macronutrients deprivation, bingeing and then developing body dysmorphia and throwing my food up, I made the right choice. I chose me. I chose to stand up and fierce forward and knew that letting go in that respect, I knew it would mean a path to recovery but What I didn’t know at the time is that it would bring me to a path of renewal.


So many times I have questioned how I could keep on at Fierce Forward, at creating a brand that empowers women to love themselves and live the Life that their desire to live, that I could create this armor and sometimes feel like I need to wear all of them. (lol but seriously!) But the only choice I have had is to choose to keep on following my heart and do the best I can do. Sometimes that effort of my best has been trumped by feelings of looking at my past and how I used to be inspiring in that way and knowing that today, people are finding inspiration in the armor, in the message. What a soul shift this has been. What a humbling experience of loss yet gain in so much more. I have found my true calling that it is about who you are, that that is the heart of the matter. It’s who you are for yourself and for others and the world and it’s what you do. And that’s how I look at others. That we all should love ourselves, our bodies…our selves just as they are right now. And we have to give our love and energy to that.

No ones road is effortless or chic, it only may appear to be. We all have our Throwback Thursdays that are just that…a throwback. But the focus we all have is right now. That’s where you have to be, in mind, body and spirit. I’ve always put my truth into what I’m doing with FF and this is a huge part of my journey but the things I choose to look at now are what I can do every day to manifest my greatness. That greatness starts and ends with taking care of yourself first. It’s asking yourself every day what you’re doing to take care of yourself and be positive in the face of adversity, because we all face adversity. Our throwbacks, our stuff, all the pain, all the gain, it all shapes us into this body and soul of matter that sits with you as you read this. WE change over time, we age, our bodies change, our thoughts and perspectives and how we approach our life changes and what you’ve got to do above all else is know that YOU are so important and that you must always Fierce Forward.

You can read more about my Journey here.

12009543_10156093602155529_2608106044292902742_nTaken of me last week at my first ever Fierce Forward Retreat

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