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About Ashley

“I decided one day that I had a choice. I could choose to move backwards into a deep, dark hole or I could Fierce Forward!”

Hi, I am Ashley! I created Fierce Forward as a mantra/intention for myself to put a Fierce face on and to always take one step forward. While this mantra has been a tool in my Life and in my forward movement, I know with all my fierceness, that I have been the power behind what I have created in my Life.

My personal mission is to empower people to move Fiercely Forward in their lives, to discover that they already have the power that they seek and that loving yourself is the most important job you have.

What I have come to learn about Life is that we are only given one of them while we are here on this Earth. Time stops for no one and I want to really live it! To me, living my Life to the fullest means always moving forward (Fierce Forward), believing in myself and knowing that I am limitless & to live from and for my heart (self love). It is my Purpose and my Passion in this Life to have been on a Journey to fully understanding, embracing and then living these beliefs and then helping others to feel this Joy I have found, in the way I have chosen to Live. If you are reading this now, there’s something that brought you here that you need to discover. Live with Intention! Everything begins with a seed. What seed will you plant next for YOU, for YOUR LIFE? I welcome you to explore Fierce Forward and to begin your forward movement, NOW.


Q&A with Ashley

What is your favorite thing to do? be with people who make me laugh so hard I have to pee

What is your favorite dessert? raw chocolate chip cookie dough (for life)

What is the last movie you saw? Looking

What’s your favorite habit? coffee chat with Mark in the morning

What is your biggest pet peeve? slow drivers

What animal would you like to talk to? a lion

What’s your favorite color? All of them, I LOVE colors.

How do you celebrate? My favorite people, a bottle of champs & dancing!

Where is your favorite place to go? Nature, my bed & the open road, windows down, Counting Crows blasting

What is your best quality? Empathy

What is something your dad taught you? The Golden Rule: do onto others as you would have them do onto you

What is something your mom taught you? To love others & to always greet those you love with a hug

What is something your husband taught you? The importance of consistency

Do you collect anything? Gemstones, journals & antiques

What is your sign? Pisces

What is your favorite quality about yourself? I’m resilient when I set my heart on something

What’s something you created that you love? The saying, “It’s not hard work, it’s heart work.” It reminds me of why I do what I do.

What is your motto for how you live your Life? Fierce Forward & be true to myself