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This Month’s Inspirational Desktop (+ iPhone) Vision Board

April is here guys! It snowed this weekend, can you believe it?! But at the same time, I’m remembering last Wednesday when it was 55 out. I grabbed my yoga mat and laid in our back yard with the sun beating on my face and the warm wind blowing my hair.

One of my favorite things in life…a season change.

Everything is cyclical, just like the moon and the seasons and our lives. What sometimes seems like a really dark time period we’re going through can suddenly clear and a rainbow appears reminding us light always comes after the dark.

April is the month of the growing season when trees and flowers begin to open. When we as individuals begin to open.

April comes from the word aperit which means to open.

You know that thing you’ve been working so hard to change and shift and you’ve been putting all the work in but it seems like nothings happening? It was happening all along, it just needed time and consistent attention to be able to open.

flower field

As you sit through a long cold winter, you can find solace knowing that Spring is right around the corner. Just as you sit through darker, quieter times in your life, you can always remember that it’s these darker times that always spring forward an opening in the near future.

Think of a tree. A tree first is a seed and needs you to plant it deep in the earth.

Then, it needs water, sunlight and consistent nurturing to grow roots and grow up from the ground. This phase you don’t really see, you have to trust and know that the nourishment you’re giving to this seed every day is working.

Grab your journal or a pad of paper right now and answer these questions below to get you to start opening into this new season of your life.

April Journal Prompts

  1. What has been my personal winter? Think of the challenges you’ve faced in the past 4 months and write about those.
  2. What action did I take during this time to try to make it better? What action didn’t I take that could have helped me?
  3. What have I learned from these challenges?
  4. What could these challenges be opening up for me right now?
  5. What will be my personal Spring? Think of what you want this next season of your life to be. Think of the seed you want to begin planting for your future.
  6. How will you water and nourish this seed so it can come out through your heart and open into your life? What actions will you take every single day this Spring to make sure this seed of desire becomes a living thing?
  7. What is one way you can anchor yourself to Fierce Forward when it feels like nothing is happening?

Growing isn’t easy. Change isn’t easy. But it’s always worth it. And the more you can learn to know that the process of change is just that…a process…the better you’ll be at handling the dark and the light equally.

A message from Ash

Whatever you want in your life, it’s possible. Don’t ever forget that. It’s possible because you are possible. But you are the one who has to show up every day to water, give sunlight and nourishment to that thing that you want to grow. It takes dedication and a commitment of your love to that thing to keep at it. Whatever you most tend to is what most grows. And no matter what, never give up. Never give up on the seeds of love you plant. You might not know when they’ll sprout up above the earth to say hello to the world, but you can always trust they’re there, growing to find their way to you.



Growth Intention Bracelet handmade using Aventurine gemstone and a mother of pearl crescent moon pendant symbolizing ‘to bring forth.’ Never stop growing, changing and uncovering your true potential.

Never Give Up Intention Bracelet. Handmade using African Trade brass snake beads and genuine Amazonite stones, this bracelet channels your inner warrior. Adorned on the shields of the late Amazonian women, this stone is a powerful protective stone that shields you from darkness all the while empowering you to fight through whatever stands in your way. Never give up on your seeds of growth. Patience is a form of action. Stay patient and keep showing up every single day to nourish the thing you want to grow.


april vision board

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Comment below what you learned from your writings above or share one thing you’re going to start planting! Share this with someone who loves self growth and pushing herself. Share buttons below.

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