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April Vision Board

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Tracy Chapman, Smoke & Ashes, is playing as I coffee chat with you and share April’s BIG Vision for us! Leo is at my feet on top of my backpack (cats can be comfy on anything) and I have April’s Armor next to me to get inspired to share with you the story of this Vision. We are nearing the end of the first Sisterhood of the Fierce Traveling Journal Project and as I prepare for the second Project, I think about how many women took the past 8 weeks to Channel their Power. As we move into this new month and as Spring arrives at our doorstep, I think of all the sun coming our way and how right now, and always, it is so important to empower yourself so that you may empower others. You have a divine responsibility to put yourself first, to do what’s good for you and above all, to be FIERCELY YOU! This is YOUR Legacy in Life, no one else’s. You forget how important YOU ARE, because you’re doing your damnest to be everything for everyone and everything else.

I want to talk about Legacy now. You have to realize that you have Choice. I keep saying this alot lately because it is one of my biggest take aways in my Life right now and it has created Opportunity for me to see that I am in control and I choose the outcome. You have to stop walking around thinking that YOU DON’T MATTER. YOU MATTER BABE. Any woman who is reading this right now, I would pick up the phone and honestly tell you that, because I believe we are all special, beautiful human beings. We all matter and you have to believe that too.

You have to start putting yourself first so that you can believe that…that you matter. We HAVE TO throw the comparison choice (yes, it is a choice) out the window. You are not better than her or less than her, nor is she either of these to you. She is she and you are you. YOU ARE YOU. Focus there. Creating a legacy for yourself is where you start. When you think of you, how you are showing up for you and in your Life, what legacy are you leaving yourself with. When you think of you, what do you think? Are you giving your all? Are you practicing self care? Or are you putting yourself on the back burner, in comparison mode constantly and not happy? Legacy is an interesting intention and one that I want to leave to you to fill in the blanks. But I will leave you with this:

It is time to BE YOU, to OWN THAT BEAUTIFULNESS, to put yourself first, to begin a new legacy that is one of doing all of these things and envisioning yourself as the power house woman that YOU ARE. What a legacy! YOU CREATE your legacy and in every moment we are in creation with our choice. Choose you first. Choose your Happiness. Protect your Happiness for it is one of the most valuable creations you will ever own. Be who you are and FIERCELY OWN HER.

So right now, grab the April Vision Board below (pdf form below) and

 Download it | Print it | Laminate it | Share it | Add it to your Vision Board | Set it as your Desktop photo and LIVE IT!!

April’s Stack of the Month is all about creating your Legacy, being YOU and never forgetting to have fun in the journey of doing those things. The happy buddha laughs with you and reminds you that your Life is a manifestation of everything you think and do and are…it doesn’t have to always be hard, it can be easy and fun and support your Happiness. You choose what you will create your Legacy to be.


April’s Stack of the Month is a Limited Edition Stack that comes with all three pieces of Armor here.

PDF of April’s Vision board here: April Fierce Forward Vision Board AJohns

April Armor Stack of the Month here.

Fierce, love and being Fiercely YOUnique,


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    April is my birthday month so I couldn’t wait for this board to go on my phone as a reminder of being a part of this Fierce group! As I get older …have to get more Fierce!!!