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How To Wear Street Shoes

A cool street shoe with a leather jacket on, a white tee and jeans…you’re speaking my language! What is a street shoe you might be wondering. A street shoe is any type of shoe you can wear almost anywhere. Think converse, adidas…chucks. Guys are wearing them, girls are wearing them and that’s how versatile they are!

The trend I’m seeing alot lately is athletic wear making its way into most outfits. Even the cool Italian man I walk by everyday wears a pair of jeans, a tshirt and a pair of street shoes and while it’s the simplest outfit ever, it’s the chic-est too. 

A big part of me that I don’t share much at Fierce Forward is my interest in beauty and style. I’ve always thought that our style is a self expression of not only who we are, but how we’re feeling in our lives and in ourselves. Or maybe even better, how we want to feel! And everyday is a choice of how we want to feel! For me, I love to ground my style with a pair of kick ass street shoes that remind me to keep walking forward fiercely. Shoes are a huge part of our outfit and so today, I’m sharing some of my fave picks of street shoes that are on sale (sale ends August 12th!) and under $100!

Which pair are you? Drop a comment below! 

street style shoes under 100 image

Friday’s Fierce Picks

  1. Puma Creeper Sneakers $110 $65 on sale
  2. Tretorn Nylite Lace Up Sneakers $95 $60 on sale
  3. Kenneth Cole Kale Leather High-Top Sneakers $140 $79 on sale
  4. Superga Qatar Metallic Low-Top Sneakers $99 $50 on sale
  5. Puma Rock Ridge Suede Platform Sneakers $90 $70 on sale


Here are some others I love:

 xo, Ashley

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