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August Vision Board

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Welcome to August! This month I was inspired to create a Vision for moving fiercely forward in your Life, for taking risks and for being YOU while you do it! There are always naysayers or people who will cut you down or not believe in you, but what it important to remember is that the opinion that matters more than anyone else’s, is yours. This is YOUR Life and you have to be in charge of it, of what you believe in and of how you will react to it all. I also think we spend much time thinking we should be or have something much sooner than those things actually tend to show up in our lives. First, we must put the work in and enjoy THE JOURNEY in that work. Be Fierce and begin moving forward, towards what you want in this Life and be a good person while you do so. Lift others up and cheer them on, there is room for everyone to live a fierce life. Now go out and get FIERCE on your Life!!

Vision Boards handmade and created by Ashley Johns

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