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Do This One Thing to Become Unstoppable (Even if You’re Unsure & Lost Your Way)

There was this time in my life that I felt the most powerful, beautiful me I’ve ever felt. I was confident, happy, proud of myself and in this state of flow where everything just felt right. I WAS ALIGNED. It’s like I took off all the masks of fear and became the real me. The true me.

This me did things that made her stronger, that pushed her into her discomfort zone and made her grow!

I was building me and creating my life with my own heart and hands. I was UNSTOPPABLE!

But then somewhere along the way, life came rushing in at me. I lost my way and I didn’t know how to find my way back to that girl living in her highest potential. It felt like a big loss I didn’t know how to process. I just wanted her back.

5am club

Over time, I started traveling on a new path.

What once was a master of starting and finishing things, I became a master of starting and stopping things. When I said I wanted to become stronger and fit into my old jeans, I would start tracking my food and be going strong for a week then I’d find myself standing over a bowl of cookie dough and just give in.

When I said I wanted to expand my mind and become more self confident, I’d get books on self confidence start highlighting and then never finish the book. When I said I wanted to challenge myself to try something new, I said I was going to run a marathon. I trained for 4 weeks, tweeked my hip and instead of rehabbing it, I just stopped running and never followed through.

I did the easier thing with everything.

Even more frustrating, I’d compare myself to my past self and think it was impossible to ever get back there. The girl that was here didn’t want to do what it took to get what I really wanted in my life. And I didn’t know why or how to change that.

We all lose our way from time to time that makes us question the path. And for good reason. Eventually we realize it makes us stronger. The most important question becomes, will you move through the fear, uncertainty and doubt to do whatever it takes to find your way through.

I’ve always wanted to feel strong, powerful, happy, free…unstoppable.

And yet, I’ve spent so much of my life dodging becoming those things because I was afraid. AFRAID TO BE BOLD, afraid of what other people would think of me, afraid if I could actually shine so bright and really BE that woman again.

FOR YEARS..I’ve read books, listened to podcasts and even journaled trying to find out how to become this powerful version of myself. But I never found the answer in those. I just found new ways to start and stop something. Instead of unstoppable, I became stoppable.

I knew I needed to get out of my own way I just didn’t know how.

I felt stuck in a never ending hamster wheel until one day several months ago, sh*t hit the fan. Sometimes sh*t needs to hit the fan long enough and hard enough for you to decide you’ve had enough of your own sh*t.

do it hard gold bracelet

After that, I decided I was done being the victim of my own life.

LIFE IS TOO SHORT for anything other than our fiercest heart forward.

If I was going to do this I would need to FIND A WAY and maybe even that meant creating a new way. Even though I didn’t know exactly what all the steps were, I knew the first step in front of me was doing the things that were harder for me. Doing all the things that I kept putting off doing because of fear, laziness and just taking the easy way out. I was done with that girl.

When it’s hard, do it hard. ~Les Brown

Around the same time, I turned on a podcast about a mental toughness challenge called 75HARD with one of my new mentors Andy Frisella. You wanna talk about an unstoppable human being, this guy right here.

As I started listening, he explained that the 75HARD challenge is to choose the habits in your life you know will take you where you want to go. Want to be healthy and lose weight? Workout and track your food. Want to expand your mind? Read 10 pages of a self development book per day. Want to push yourself and grow stronger?

Do all these things daily for 75 days NO MATTER WHAT. And if you don’t do ONE OF THEM, you have to start over at day 1. I could hear the conviction in his voice.

And before the episode was over I knew that I was going to do this because THIS WAS THE HARDER THING.

“I can do this,” I told myself.

These are the habits I chose for myself: track my food + no liquordrink a gallon of waterone sweat sessionwalk outside (personal goal 7k steps)read 10 pages of a self development bookone guided meditation

Twenty days down and man, has it required a new level of myself. A level of myself that I’ve had to dig deep down inside and pull out because she was needed to do all these things every single day.

What has come from this twenty days is more than I could have imagined. And all because I got so sick and tired of being sick and tired of not knowing how to be mentally tough to do the things I know I need to do to become a stronger version of myself. The girl who did the easier thing, that was me and I was DONE WITH THAT.

I wanted to be the girl who does the harder thing.

Making the decision to do the harder thing in everything I did became my new mantra. Start facing my fears, go all in, BE BOLD, shine my light and create momentum around my personal happiness. I went all in and dedicated myself to doing it hard in everything I did.

do it hard sparkling bracelet in gold

The one thing you need to do to become unstoppable is do the harder thing in every area of your life.

Saying yes to doing the harder thing in your life means saying yes to the strong, powerful, bold, free and unstoppable you you want to be. By doing the harder thing in my life I’ve realized:

It’s in these very moments when we feel our weakest that can become our pivot points to become our strongest. When we do the harder thing.

But we have to choose to pivot by deciding to choose the harder thing. And THAT is where your power lies. Doing the harder thing FORGES A MENTAL STRENGTH inside you that you wouldn’t find unless you did the harder thing. And the truth is, it sucks at first. But doing the harder thing is what gets you out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone. And believe it or not, it actually gets easier – less painful – because it becomes your new normal.

Life feels very different because YOU FEEL DIFFERENT.

do it hard quote

Here’s what I’ve gained by doing the harder thing, and what you can gain too. You:

+ GAIN CONFIDENCE in yourself: you start believing in possibility because you believe in yourself

+ become MENTALLY STRONGER: you don’t give in to temporary desires, you stay true to your goals

REACH YOUR GOALS: because you don’t take no for an answer, you actually reach your goals

IGNITE THE FIRE IN YOUR BELLY: you feel passionate about life again

+ feel PRIDE IN YOURSELF: you become extremely proud of yourself for doing the things you said you’d do

YOUR SELF WORTH GROWS: because you start focusing on yourself and what you really want, you begin loving yourself because you’re honoring your deepest, truest desires

STOP COMPARING YOURSELF to others: you’re so fiercely focused on doing all the harder things you don’t have time to look anywhere else. You know where you’re going and what you have to do to get there and that’s where your energy flows

YOU’RE UNSTOPPABLE: once you create momentum and start creating the life you’ve always wanted, you legit feel UNSTOPPABLE…because YOU ARE.

STOP NEEDING VALIDATION from anything or anyone else: you give to yourself every time you do the harder thing because in that tiny but super significant moment, you’re choosing you. And when you choose you, you fill your cup. YOU NO LONGER LOOK OUTSIDE OF YOU TO FEEL WORTHY, ENOUGH AND LOVED. You know it yourself because you’ve earned it.



Doing the harder thing is where growth happens. It’s the only action that will catapult you into your greatest potential.

If these aren’t benefits that make you want to jump off the couch and start doing the harder thing NOW, I don’t know what else will! I’ve realized that for me, these are the cornerstones of what I want to feel in my life.

wearing the bracelet in nikes

I used to want to take the easy way out in my life. Pop a pill to sleep hard through the night…now I work so hard throughout the day that I can’t help but fall asleep when my head hits the pillow. Start a restrictive diet and feel like crap then gain all the weight and then some back…now I am consistent, move daily and choose health and balance every single day. Look outside of me to feel loved…now I create my own love by filling my cup so full I can’t help but love myself.

You see, my attitude and perspective have changed because of the momentum of growth I’ve produced in my life. All by way of choosing to do the harder thing.

“Sometimes the answer is so simple. Sometimes all we need to do when we’ve lost our way, is go a new way.”

WE ALL LOSE OUR WAY FROM TIME TO TIME. And sometimes losing our way is the THE BEST thing that can happen to us. It redirects you to a stronger you. A you that will go so far for what she wants that she’ll get off the old path and create a new one just to find her way home.

What will you do?

Will you go back to what’s easy and safe or will you do the harder thing in everything you do today. Momentum begins with a big push forward. You gain steady momentum when you continue to push until it just starts rolling. Then it just becomes the way.

YOU CAN DO THIS. You are fierce, powerful, limitless & unstoppable.

Don’t just let this just be a reminder, choose to let it be SIGNIFICANT. Let it be the spark to ignite your passion and zest for life again. Let it be the fiercest tool in your tool belt and use it today. You can do the harder thing and even join me in the 75HARD challenge or simply begin using this new mantra today! I even created a bracelet (you can get yours, link below) that will remind you daily of this new life mantra and keep you on the track of unstoppable.

+ 75HARD Podcast

+ Get your Do It Hard hand-stamped bracelet I created for you to remember to DO IT HARD in the moments that can be your pivoting moments into greatness

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  1. Avatar

    Right?! Universe roadkill is pretty killer too. Fierce Forward Marie!

  2. Avatar

    Guuurrrl, I’m so glad this made its way to you and it helped<3 I'm loving the journey I'm on, thank you for being here. Appreciate you babe.

  3. Avatar

    You ALWAYS know exactly what I need to hear! Ive been following your 75 hard concept and LOVE your journey! You are amazing!! Im SO proud of you!! Thank you for sharing your passion and life with everyone!!

  4. Avatar


    Totally relate to and agree with this part ALL THE TIME.
    “Sometimes sh*t needs to hit the fan long enough and hard enough”

    Universe roadkill is the other word I describe this as.
    Maybe it’s time to stop waiting to be roadkill….