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Crisp Summertime Salad

With the heat setting in, there is nothing better than a crisp, summertime salad, chock full of healthy fat, carbs and protein.  Your local Whole Foods Markets will have all of these ingredients including: spinach 1/2 apple (any kind) walnuts raisins chicken {Whole Foods Market has organic chicken in a large package or freshly cooked chicken you can quickly build a salad with at their buffet & salad bar!} To ...

Setting Boundaries

And that's a wrap! Today during my #goaldigging session I realized that it's so important to set boundaries for yourself in your work. Do you ever feel like you're always connected and ironically you feel disconnected from your day? That you don't take enough time for yourself to recharge, breathe and do what You need more of? Here are a couple boundary setting ideas I came up with that may ...

The Fierce Forward Ambassador

Artwork by Fierce Warrior Carmen Curts Fierce Forward is looking for its Ambassadors! An Ambassador is one who lives with intention, chases goals fearlessly, is her/his own hero, helps others and believes in Fierce Forward. If you know you are Fierce Forward, please fill out the form below and return to me via email (fierceforward@live.com) no later than June 30th. In your email subject, put Fierce Forward Ambassador. Click on ...

Courageous little Trevor

This is Trevor. Last week I posted his story but wasn't able to include his photo as it was on my camera so I wanted to pay homage to this courageous 10 year old. The story: In Boulder at the Hanuman Yoga Festival, Trevor walks in and b-lines it to the Courage bracelet on the rack behind us. He kept rubbing the amethyst stone and I asked him, "do you ...