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You are Free

I used to unknowingly go through life not choosing my experiences, the people I give my energy and love to and receive from and even my thoughts. How you feel at any given moment is a choice and where you place yourself, the people you spend your time with...these are all free choices that are yours! You belong with people who lift you up, teach you, are interested in YOU ...

Whole Foods Market Wednesday: Grilled Shrimp Asian Salad

If you've ever walked through a Whole Foods Market, you'll know that their meat and fish are completely fresh!  Lately I've been going through a metamorphosis in my approach to eating.  It used to be fitting everything into a set number for each macronutrient {protein, carbohydrate & fat} but slowly over the past few months, I've realized that it does matter what I put into my body and fresh, natural, ...

6 Ways to Follow Your Passion

Right now, you have NO idea the road that lies before you...what you will create, how your journey will endlessly unfold, the impact you will have, the lives you will touch and how powerful you really are.  This is both a blessing and a disadvantage because that which you do not know you have to learn and there is no better teacher than facing these experiences.  On the other hand, ...

Whole Foods Market Wednesday Pumpkin Pancakes

It doesn't have to be pumpkin season for me to eat pumpkin flavored anything.  When I began thinking about a pancake, I knew the next Whole Foods Market Wednesday would be about Pumpkin Pancakes.  With summer almost into full swing, I still think about Fall often as it is my favorite time of the year.  There is something fall and summer-like about this breakfast that makes me feel like I ...