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Plank to Air Kicks

This exercise is one I created while planking in between exercises to increase my heart rate.  It is a great plyometric to add into any strength circuit if you want your heart rate to go up, as you are not only incorporating a plyometric jumping move but also using your entire body and abs for stabilization through this movement. Exercise Recommendation Start with 8 reps per leg, rest and continue ...

Flower Ice Bowl for Parties

 Last week, I was standing in the produce section of Whole Food's Market with my mom when we saw the new Spring flowers out!  We went through all the flowers and found this beautiful, colorful bunch for $10.99 and I knew that I would be making this bowl for our Mother's Day get-together which she has no idea about {Mom, I hope you're not reading this!}  The flower selection at ...

The I Will Goal List

Last week, I ran across a journal I used to write in and upon opening it I found a single page of "I will's."  What surprised me was that everything I said "I will" to actually happened.  To my surprise, my list said and to the right side is what manifested: I Will attend the Bliss Event and Team with Lori Harder and her girls  THIS HAPPENED AND CONTINUES TO ...