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Day 2, Detoxing My Life

Day 2 Detoxing my Life So I've decided that this detox and my results that I will get back soon from the Hormonal/Stress/Food Allergy testing are going to give me a lot of answers and a fresh start anew. Day 2 and I'm trucking along!  This morning I felt less bloated than normal and loved it!  I taught my High Intensity Class this a.m. did the workout with them without ...

30 Day Detox, 6/2011

Monday, June 6, 2011 30 Day Detox It's time!  I have decided to do this program with my aunt, Melissa Ramey, which she recommended.  I have been thinking and thinking about a detox for a long time as I have been at a similar weight for a long while now and have tried everything under the sun possible to shake my body from this comfort zone. It's more than just ...

My favorite things.

My motivational book.  I put all my motivating magazine clipping in here.   I chew at night to keep cravings away.   my Tough wallet!   Salt & Pepper Shakers.  I got while antiquing (Love to antique).   Tea   My ipod.  Could NOT go without   Got this at TJ Maxx.  From Dylan's Candy Bar (NYC).  Sooo good.   My clear recipe holder.     I add one scoop ...