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Super Easy {Gluten Free} Banana Muffins

It's no surprise in my house when a bundle of bananas turn brown or the lemons start growing little hairs. {insert eek face} I take full responsibility for being the over shopper of the household. I tend to go overboard on what I think we need and just can't seem to find that fine balance between what to get and what we actually eat each week. There's always a positive ...

Do This One Thing to Become Unstoppable (Even if You’re Unsure & Lost Your Way)

There was this time in my life that I felt the most powerful, beautiful me I've ever felt. I was confident, happy, proud of myself and in this state of flow where everything just felt right. I WAS ALIGNED. It's like I took off all the masks of fear and became the real me. The true me. This me did things that made her stronger, that pushed her into her ...

This Month’s Inspirational Desktop (+ iPhone) Vision Board

April is here guys! It snowed this weekend, can you believe it?! But at the same time, I'm remembering last Wednesday when it was 55 out. I grabbed my yoga mat and laid in our back yard with the sun beating on my face and the warm wind blowing my hair. One of my favorite things in life...a season change. Everything is cyclical, just like the moon and the seasons ...

Why Baby Steps Are The Key To Success & How To Use Them To Move You Forward

BABY STEPS ARE THE KEY TO SUCCESS When you focus on the one big that hasn't come, you discount all the little things that are signs of progress. It takes time to reach the other side of the mountain. It takes time for a plant to grow and expand into a tree.  As a kid, I was told that I can be anything I want to be but I wasn't ...