Book on my Bookshelf Giveaway: May

When the path reveals itself, follow it.

Uncertain as I was as I pushed forward, it felt right in my pushing, as if the effort itself meant something. That perhaps being among the undesecrated beauty of the wilderness meant, I, too, could be undesecrated, regardless of what I’d lost of what had been taken from me, regardless of the regrettable things I’d done to others or to myself or the unregrettable things that had been done to me. Of all the things I’d been skeptical about, I didn’t feel skeptical about this: the wilderness had a clarity that included me.

Two of my favorite excerpts from Cheryl Strayed’s book: Brave Enough. I have a feeling every month will be a challenging one in letting go of a book that, while mostly sits on my bookshelf untouched, has so much to offer if I just opened it up more. That is my purpose for offering a monthly Book on my Bookshelf Giveaway series here on the Blog, is to give something away to someone who might need it, to get me to open a new book each month and read it before passing it on and sharing what I loved most about it with you. My grandpa always used to tell me and my brother to never stop learning (he owned a company called Forever Learning) and while I didn’t know the impact of his words then, I do now. To learn is to grow and to grow is to progress in our lives and within ourselves. It’s something we do as kids and should actively and intentionally do even into our adulthood. Learning is fun and we need more of that in our adult lives!

What I loved about this book

I would open it up a few times a day to see what message I needed to hear. I kind of let chance find me vs just reading it through. It is a easy read of quotes that truly resonate and ask you to consider mostly what it means to let go, to hold on, to forgive, not to forgive and to move forward in our lives and within ourselves and the stories we carry.

The Gift

I’m giving away Brave Enough along with a baby blue ff hat (perfect for summer!) and the new Brave armor.

To enter to receive these three items, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Comment below your email address and why you follow Fierce Forward
  2. Choose to do one brave thing today. Whether that’s looking up and smiling at a stranger, speaking up, saying no or anything that takes your courage and you know is the harder and best thing to do for you

One of you will be chosen at random and announced on this post as well as notified via email on Friday!

I considered my options. There was only one, I knew. There was always only one. To keep walking.

Have a great day and stay fiercely YOU,




About the author
A girl who values growing, being 100% who I am, the golden rule and having fun on the journey of life!


  1. I’m following Fierce Forward as I accidentally came across your blog when looking at Pinterst for an oatmeal bake recipe. I love the idea of your blog in regards to moving forward and not being stuck. I need to slow myself down and look to my heart for more guidance.

  2. I follow FF because I was looking for real and authentic expressions of inspiration that I could use as reminders and touchstones that i am powerful enough to ask the universe to bring me to my calling and brave enough to answer the call.

    Fierce Forward is an example to me that the universe conspires to give us what we ask for. Thank you!!

  3. So love this idea. THANK YOU once again for this fierce reminder. I needed it. Right now.

  4. Congratulations to Lisa Lancaster! Lisa, please email me at to claim Brave Enough, Brave armor and the ff baby blue trucker hat.

    Thank you to everyone who shared how ff adds to your life and how you fierce forward. I am so grateful for each of you. Thank you!

  5. I have followed/been a part of FF for over a year now. I love the inspiration and the motivation I find to push myself out of my comfort zone and take the next steps on my journey.

    This week I will begin to learn how to run 2 businesses, a household, continue my activities outside of my home that truly bring me joy, and temporarily be both mom and dad to my 3 children as we prepare for the uncertainty the remainder of the year holds for my family and me.

  6. I follow Fierce Forward for a daily reminder to follow my dreams do what makes me happy. The brave thing I am doing is next week getting on a plan to California by myself to go to a retreat with strangers (besides you Ash). I am terrified and thrilled at the same time.

  7. Fierce is a word I never equated with myself. Forward is a word I never understood. In my upbringing, fierce only equated to science fiction male warrior type characters; and living in the past was the only place to live, there was no forward. When I first read these two words side by side, I was in awe. They leapt off the screen, landed straight in my soul and left me speechless. I was compelled to explore these Powerful Words stuck in limbo between my head and my heart. Following Fierce Forward continues the evolving integration of claiming my authentic self and leads me to expression of who that is in the world. This Tribe is about connection. Connection is what I crave.
    Thank you,


    I follow Fierce Forward because as a person in receovery from mental health challenges and trauma, every day that I live requires fierceness. FF reminds me of all the personal power I have to create the life I desire. Today, I will make brave art. Art that speaks to injustice, a call for action from a place of deep heart and stirring. I don’t often make art from a place of anger, but there are times that call for bravery and being a voice that will not be silenced.


    I follow FF because I enjoy reading the messages. They always seem to speak directly to me at a time when I need to hear them. I enjoy knowing that when I’m feeling down, only I have to power to ‘turn that frown upside down’ and power through. I enjoy knowing that there is a whole bunch of us out there that are fiercing forward everyday and that makes me feel like I’m in a special secret club, because I am!


    I follow because I need the reminder that I’m fierce and awesome. Sometimes my own insecurities push me down so much I can hardly stand it, seems like I always get an email at just the right time reminding me to be brave and to be my awesome self.

  11. I follow Fierce Forward because I get constant inspiration (and book lists) by seeing all that Ashley and the other women who follow her share. It really does help me to continue to move forward and not just slide back into old habits. Thank you! 😊

  12. Fierce Forward and your uplifting self, Ashley has given me a major growing and learning shift. I am in the process of moving a 3 generation house all by myself. My parents passed and while living here I helped my mother while she battled cancer. Unfortunately, I faced foreclosure and have to move on. Everyday is an emotional and fierce workout. Without Fierce forward reminding me in my mind “you got this girl” I am sure it wouldn’t be as easy. I remind myself everyday, I am putting my past behind, remembering the happy and good and fiercely moving forward, one step at a time!

  13. I started following Fierce Forward a few years ago because I made a decision to start living my fierce life, my way. I have learned and grown so much, challenging myself. I love the honesty and rawness of Fierce Forward and always a meaningful message.

  14. I follow Fierce Forward to become the best version of myself. I’m encouraged, challenged, and inspired to look forward not back; to appreciate where I have been, but not be defined by it. I’m in a new season of life with many, new challenges ahead of me (one being a move across the country away from family and close friends), but I have faith that I will rise up to met my goals and overcome the obstacles ahead. I’ve learned so much and am empowered to bravely fierce forward.

  15. Fierce Forward found me, it found me at a very fragile time in life and was able to restore the cracks that needed mending. I’m a better, stronger, and ferocious version now!

  16. I follow Fierce Forward because you constantly remind me of my intentions, who I really am. I see you live with such deep fire and passion and it comforts me to know I’ll be ok to do the same. fierce forward reminds me to stay centered and to listen to the signs around me. You speak my thoughts and I greatly appreciate you. You live your truth and your natural talents daily and for that I’m grateful. Thank you for fiercely leading in this path.

  17. I follow Fierce Forward because it reminds me to stay true to myself, to always work toward making things better for myself and my world, to lift up and support others, and to keep growing and evolving in my life.

  18. I follow FF to be mindful in my life, my choices, my way of showing up. To be motivated and share motivation with others in hopes we can all show up as the best versions of ourselves!


    I follow Fierce Forward to be inspired, to connect better to myself and others on the journey, to be connected! I follow to be a better me and build others up as well.

    Can’t wait to be brave today. This challenge speaks to me!

  20. I follow Fierce Forward because I feel that Ashley is genuine in her pursuit to empower and unite women. I wanted to join the tribe to feel connected to and show my support for other women.

  21. βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨I follow fierce forward because it stands for everything I believe in .. being strong,believing in yourself,positivity and following your dreams ..I am always inspired by everything I read and look forward to catching up every day..
    Woooo ..I would absolutely adore that book and hat and armor βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨have a wonderful day filled with love and light xx

  22. I love that new Brave! I gifted mine to a great friend. I follow FF to remind me every single day that I’ve got this. I am worth enough to chase my dreams and be who I’m meant to be. Today before my yoga class I was very emotional. I just wanted to sit on my mat and cry. I was honest with my class today. I was brave enough to sit there and say I’m struggling, now let’s crush it! And we did.

  23. I follow FF for continuing encouragement and the reminder to always keep moving forward. I have found my true self and live my life for me thanks to FF. Will always follow FF.

    I fierce forward because I need to have positive woman in my life who inspire and love, while accomplishing their dreams.
    I chose to be brave today, the 27th anniversary of my brothers passing, by having a meeting with a local female dietician. This meeting was scary for me because I am a distributor for a nutrition supplement company and having a dietician on board at my small gym could be misinterpreted as a lack of trust for the supplements I sell, however I felt that my gym and its clients deserve to have a supportive network of experts so I took the leap to improve my business. The meeting was a delight and I am so grateful I took that scary step on a day that I might otherwise chose to hide from the world and mourn my brother.
    Thank you Ashley, for asking the question and supplying a safe space for woman to grow!
    Sincerely, Marianne Bemister
    New Hampshire

  25. I have been a longtime follower of Fierce Forward! Watching all of the amazing things you do for women here and abroad, are one of the reasons I continue to follow you! You are so inspiring and I hope to gain a bit of that fierceness and help other women day in and day out just as you do!

  26. I found FF a couple years ago….I actually think it found me! At the time when I needed it most. It gave me the confidence to BE BRAVE and make a change that has greatly improved my peace of mind and therefore my life!

  27. Hi! I started following FF when you made a Savage Stack, and Cathy Savage told us about it.
    I checked out your site immediately.
    I find strength, beauty and a sense that I’m not alone with FF. Never stop growing.

  28. I follow FF for continued inspiration. Ashley and the tribe always remind me of how fierce I truly am. I’m reminded to set my intentions daily and to listen to my heart. Ashley you must be sensing or receiving my vibes as I’m working to be brave as I am battling postpartum depression and anxiety.

  29. I started following FF almost 3 years ago. I found Ashley and her tribe when I was desperately seeking change for myself in many areas of my life; AND going through some of the most challenging times I’ve ever faced. Her armor gave me a tangible focus for whatever intention I needed daily- to help remind me of my goals and my commitments to myself and those that I love. I cherish my armor, this group, and the amazing women I’ve gotten to know and bond with over the years❀️

  30. I’ve been following FF for many years now I can’t be without it. I love the inspirational and motivational posts from not only Ashley but the other FF sisters as well.
    The one brave thing I will do today is stand and speak up to a bully at the workplace.

  31. I follow Fierce Forward because I love being involved with women who help uplift other women. We need more of that in this world.

  32. I have been following FF for years! I love it, the reminder to keep moving forward and past my fears, love the morning coffee chats that give me much to ponder. I love everything it stands for!

  33. To learn, grow, find inspiration and to be brave!

    Today I’m going to be brave at my writers group and read a piece I wrote out loud!

  34. I follow Fierce Forward to stay connected to my goals and inspiration to stay true to me and my voice.

    Today is my 2nd day with no sugar or sweeteners (even natural) except fruit. #brave

  35. I have been following FF for almost a year and a half now. I had been struggling and stuck and these amazing ladies have helped push me to do more for me. To learn, to grow, to Fierce Foward. I am not sure if I would have been able to do that without them.

  36. I’ve been following Fierce Forward for three years. I’ve learned so much about myself -that I’m already fierce and fearless and strong. Fiercing Forward to me means being my best self so I have the best parts of me to go out and help others.

  37. I follow Fierce forward to learn to love myself again. I have been following for almost 2 years now and it has helped me learn to be myself and love me for who I am not what others want me to be!
    Today I will do something brave at the gym, I will not give up the second I start to feel tired, I will keep pushing instead of saying, “oh well thats good enough for today” I will be brave enough to keep going and to do it for me!

  38. I follow Fierce Forward because it inspires me. It has offered me ways to grow. To challenge myself. To see into myself and to keep going. πŸ’–πŸ’«

  39. I have been following fierce forward for three years now. It gives me the extra push forward I need everyday. The armor helps me fierce forward through my day especially on those days I just want to go back to bed.

  40. I follow Fierce Forward to challenge myself to do new things. A year ago I rarely left my home to socialize with other women. Now I am doing this every month and trying so many different things!

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