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Summer Home Inspiration!

    A home is both a reflection of how you feel and how you want to feel in your life. We recently have been simplifying our home with the intention to clear out the clutter and have our space feel fresh and be a reflection of how we feel in our lives at this juncture. We want relationships that are both meaningful and easy like Sunday morning. We have really pared ...

Office Supplies Every Girl Needs!

Office supplies every girl needs. Office supplies light me up. Whether it's a new journal, gold star stickers or flowers on my desk, creating an atmosphere around your work area is key for your work space! You can do amazing work when you're inspired. These are some of my favorite office supplies that I think every girls needs. Gold star stickers for your I Get To ...

Crystal Shelf DIY

Gemstones, geodes, crystals and all things natural have been something that are finding their way into my Life. It all started with the African Trade Beads I use to make the Fierce Forward Armor, then it was the Himalayan Salt Lamp and then the Spirit Collection and my travels to Boulder that I really began to see the ball rolling even faster in my love for these beautiful pieces from ...