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The Best Rose Oil & The Benefits of Using Oil

When I first posted 11 Natural Ways to Use Coconut Oil, it got alot of response because with coconut oil, you can literally use it for almost anything. As much as I love and use coconut oil, I also love varying up my skin routine and using lotions, oils and products that have a one-of-a-kind smell! Finding a really good body oil that has been fermented with fruit, flowers & ...

Crystal Shelf DIY

Gemstones, geodes, crystals and all things natural have been something that are finding their way into my Life. It all started with the African Trade Beads I use to make the Fierce Forward Armor, then it was the Himalayan Salt Lamp and then the Spirit Collection and my travels to Boulder that I really began to see the ball rolling even faster in my love for these beautiful pieces from ...

How to Create A Sleep Sanctuary

Guest Post by friend and fellow Entrepreneur, Lacy Lueck. She is the Co-Founder of The Right Pillow In the past couple of years, I have become quite a Sleep and Sleep Essentials expert. As a Mompreneur and Co-Founder of The Right Pillow (Ashley wrote about her Right Pillow earlier this year!), these are things I love talking about. Helping people have better night’s that lead to better days is where ...

5 of The Coolest Ways To Plant Succulents in Your Home

First of all, this post got me so excited to write! Today, I am departing from my go-to soulful writing that empowers you to move forward in your Life and sharing some things that elevate my every day Life to create fun, happiness and positivity in my surroundings. It's fun for me to share other parts of my self and plus, who doesn't love succulents, gemstones & creating their home ...