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The Right Pillow

Sleep has always been a thing of great importance to me. I see my bed as my happy place, where I can retreat and recharge and if you have ever traveled with me, you know how important my pillows are to me: I take my body and head pillow with me on any road trip! I aligned with Lacy & Chrissy, Creators of The Right Pillow, on social media and ...

I Made This Suede Clutch: a DIY

Last week, I had dinner with Lauren of The Resource Girls, a blog with the mission of guiding women to be resourceful and to be themselves. As we were chatting over wine, she was explaining the concept of being resourceful and although I had never used the word much, it has fast become a word I am using more as I now realize that being resourceful is something I do ...

Sometimes you just have to Reinvent Yourself!

Exactly two Tuesdays ago, I was questioning what in the hell I was doing in my Life. While I do consider myself killing it in the forward movement of what I give myself to career wise, I find myself circling back around to asking, "how am I showing up for me?" I sat down and journaled (pen to paper) how I was feeling, what I felt was missing, what I ...

The Happy List and How To Make One

Happy List: the song 32 Flavors coming on while getting ready this morning ? knee-high boots ? tomorrow is date night! ? Tuesday mornings coffee with mom ? my gram texting me affirmations each morning (she loves Emojis!) ? going to meet someone new today ? the leaves telling me it's good to let go ? neon beads I'm entertaining for a new Collection ? getting snail mail & a ...