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Project Manifest is Here

IMAGINE A LIFEwhere you feel EMPOWERED, aligned and so CONNECTED to yourself that nothing can pull you away from that feeling because you own it. You know who you are because you created her! You know where you're going and you have a laser focus to get there. You no longer question yourself or your abilities. You use your abilities to create what you want! You no longer look outside yourself for ...

7 Tips On How To Survive The Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner and with them come family gatherings. If you're like me, you drive home for a few days and it's jam packed with places to be and people to see. With this can come challenging dynamics and sometimes stressful situations when putting so many different personalities together.  When I watch movies like Christmas Vacation or Four Christmas's I'm reminded that I'm not the only ...

Re-becoming a Blogger, The Girls In Our Lives & Being Sunshine

Happy Friday ya'll! I'm currently sniffling through a minor cold (nothing that a positive mindset and turmeric can't help!) and putting off packing for our trip tomorrow. We're headed to Florida for a family vacation. I've already looked up yoga on the beach and can't wait to be in the sunshine on the beach. Even though Austin has pretty amazing weather year round, cacti and palm trees, it always feels different ...