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Create A Killer Business Card | Boss Babes

Business cards will forever be one of the single most important tools you can use to market yourself and your brand. They're solid gold. Whether you work for someone else, you own your own company or you're side hustling your passion...having a business card is essential! A business card is the key connection point that you give someone after meeting them. Whatever business you're in, you probably ... View Post Create A Killer Business Card | Boss Babes

Entrepreneur Tip: Create a Vision Board Monthly

When I first registered Fierce Forward as a official business, I had already been in the work of creating something that mattered to me, I just didn't know that it was going to be a business when I started. I knew what it meant to Fierce Forward in my own life and I wanted to help others feel that in theirs. My vision was clear in the ... View Post Entrepreneur Tip: Create a Vision Board Monthly

Buy Flowers for Yourself

"Stop watering the weeds in your life and start watering the flowers." unknown Entrepreneur Tip #2: Flowers for Yourself No matter what space you work in, when you add flowers, you add a big dose of happy. While I don't get myself flowers every week, I normally will pick a bunch up every month or so. I am a huge advocate of surrounding yourself with things that ... View Post Buy Flowers for Yourself

Send More Snail Mail

  Being a entrepreneur is a privilege. You get to make your own hours, work from any location of your choosing, answer to yourself and create within no confines. While there are many positives, there are also many challenges that come with owning and operating a business which I will be sharing more about in this new series, Entrepreneur Tips Tuesday. I have always wanted to talk ... View Post Send More Snail Mail

Office Supplies Every Girl Needs!

Office supplies every girl needs. Office supplies light me up. Whether it's a new journal, gold star stickers or flowers on my desk, creating an atmosphere around your work area is key for your work space! You can do amazing work when you're inspired. These are some of my favorite office supplies that I think every girls needs. Gold star stickers for your ... View Post Office Supplies Every Girl Needs!