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Running Girl

    This week has gone by so fast. While Mark and I have taken on a new project that has taken much of our time, I still managed to get my runs in and I feel great about staying consistent. Earlier this week, I posted a 'before & now' photo on Instagram sharing my year in progress both mentally and physically. I have realized that having a goal is ...

Shoulders & Biceps Workout

I did this workout two days ago and it was one that will get you sweaty and push you. My favorite exercise is the plate raise on your knees! Have fun, work hard and let me know how it goes! Shoulder & Bicep Workout *20 reps on everything, choose lighter weight for higher reps + Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press + Standing Dumbbell Bicep Curl + Kneeling Plate Front Raise  *I ...

5 Fitness Girls on instagram who are crushing it!

For the past 7 years, I have used social media to connect with others and empower women to crush their goals and Fierce Forward in their lives! The women in this post all have a large number of followers, which would be very difficult to replicate. Although it could be possible if you use an instagram growth service. And at one point, when Instagram showed up on the scene, I ...

Badass Workout Tanks

I have always been a fan of intentional anything! (you know me!) I think what I love most about intention tank tops is that they set the tone for your workout, literally. There are many places to get workout shirts for women where they can get some extra inspirational tops. If you want to bring some badass, you wear your The Eye of the Tiger Bitches Tank and if you ...