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4 Reasons to Hit the Barre + 10 Minute Video To Get You Started

Let me first introduce Lindsey Bomgren, Fierce Forward Ambassador and lover of all things fitness, health & wellness!!! Lindsey has come with me to the Arnold Sports Festival to spread the Fierce as well as led Yoga/Barre at the Fierce Forward Retreat this year! I am so excited to have her share her love of fitness with us in this post sharing four reasons to hit Barre. This girl knows ...

Stairmill Workout: Burn It Up

This workout is 35 minutes of your day including both a 5 minute warmup and cool down. Let's just say this workout not only heightens your temperature, but burns some maja cals, gals!  Have fun with it and if you are a beginner at the Stairmill, I suggest starting at a lower level on your high level intervals. Enjoy and be sure to let me know how much you loved ...

What Crossfit Does For Women

 When I asked Fierce Forward Ambassador, Laurianne Faugstad, to share her fairly new CrossFit experience with us, she requested to write it up after her first competition, which was this past weekend. She wanted to go through the hard-knock of an actual competition, which is notorious for Cross-fitters, to show their stuff they've been working day in and day out on for months. I watch the Reebok Crossfit games religiously ...