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Walk the Plank Workout: Part 1

When I asked Fierce Forward Ambassador, Nicole O'Brien, to create a FIERCE workout plan for our Fierce Tribe, she came back to me with a 3-part series that can all be done at-home with minimal equipment! Equipment Needed mat and stopwatch/timer  Perform Do 1 minute of each exercise. Work your way up to a minute of each in your own time and just do your best! Push yourself and do ...

Plank to Air Kicks

This exercise is one I created while planking in between exercises to increase my heart rate.  It is a great plyometric to add into any strength circuit if you want your heart rate to go up, as you are not only incorporating a plyometric jumping move but also using your entire body and abs for stabilization through this movement. Exercise Recommendation Start with 8 reps per leg, rest and continue ...

Rotator Cuff Stretches & Strengthening

Lately, my rear delt/shoulder has been acting up (tendonitis) so I'm incorporating these rotator cuff stretches into my day. I hope these help you, anyone can do them! Utilize these stretches and strengthening moves to help improve the shoulder mobility, strengthen the muscles and stretch them. Perform these stretches 1-3 times per day. 1. Shoulder stretch. Grab the back of the arm and pull it across the chest until you ...

14 Minute Fierce Boxing Interval Workout

Boxing is not just a workout to me, it's something I do when I need to release something.  I feel alive and empowered when I'm throwing a punch packed with any frustration, anger or contemplation I'm trying to get through.  It is a way to channel your feelings and thoughts and send them straight out into the bag.  We all work through our emotions in different, unique ways, but I ...