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A Simple & Healthy Avocado Pesto Toast

Avocado, pesto, tomato and toast are just about the most perfect marriage I can think of! This is a daily go-to lunch for me when I want something simple, fresh and always...healthy! If you asked me if I could only take 5 foods on a deserted island, I'd ask you if avocado trees were on the island before I made my decision! It is one of my ... View Post A Simple & Healthy Avocado Pesto Toast

Spiced Apple Protein Muffins

These muffins are fresh, light and so healthy! Gluten free and vegetarian, they have limited amounts of sugar and fat used, making these a higher protein muffin for easy, on-the-go breakfast or even a pre and post workout snack. We tried to go apple picking today and a storm came through, so I picked up some gala apples from Whole Foods and made them anyway! Fall is ... View Post Spiced Apple Protein Muffins