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5 Tips For Glowing Skin: From The Creator of Dahliana Skincare

When I turned 33, I started noticing little changes in my skin. A sun spot on my cheek, my crow's feet started widening with every smile and my rosacea started flaring up. It was hard at first. I mean, I used to go to bed with makeup still on my face post college party and wake up looking fresh faced. I would bask in the sun for ... View Post 5 Tips For Glowing Skin: From The Creator of Dahliana Skincare

5 Tips For Setting Intention!

Candles that help you set intention and smell like candy?! Yes please. Stop, educate and listen, ash is back with a brand new intention...! Social media is an amazing resource for connecting with people, in life and in business. A few months back, Lucin Candle Studio and I met via Instagram and never looked back. Another boss babe empowering people to live with intention...sign me up! Another ... View Post 5 Tips For Setting Intention!

How To Wear Street Shoes

A cool street shoe with a leather jacket on, a white tee and jeans...you're speaking my language! What is a street shoe you might be wondering. A street shoe is any type of shoe you can wear almost anywhere. Think converse, adidas...chucks. Guys are wearing them, girls are wearing them and that's how versatile they are! The trend I'm seeing alot lately is athletic wear making its ... View Post How To Wear Street Shoes

My Favorite Book For Helping With Self Confidence

Having self confidence isn't something that falls in your lap, it's something you have to train for and earn! I literally think of it as a sport and that you get just as much out of it as you put into it. And it's so true. I grew up not knowing how to train for a positive self esteem. In fact, I got really good at having ... View Post My Favorite Book For Helping With Self Confidence

June Vision Board

  Manifesto: a verbal/visual declaration of principles or intentions of a person or group DOWNLOAD THE MANIFESTO GET THE RISE & SHINE BRACELET GET THE MANIFESTO PRINT June's Intention: Rise & Shine Sometimes, we have to step back to move forward. If you want to flourish, you have to nourish. I was talking to a friend last night about how easy it is to get caught up ... View Post June Vision Board

Yoga Essentials

Sometimes, all we need is a little inspiration like these yoga essentials to start a new habit! Whether you're new to yoga, you're an advanced yogi or you're going to take your first yoga class after this post (woohoo), this one's for you. Here's a sweet little list of my current favorite yoga essentials that are rocking my world along with my story of becoming a fierce ... View Post Yoga Essentials