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Running Girl

    This week has gone by so fast. While Mark and I have taken on a new project that has taken much of our time, I still managed to get my runs in and I feel great about staying consistent. Earlier this week, I posted a 'before & now' photo on Instagram sharing my year in progress both mentally and physically. I have realized that having a goal is ...

Holiday Must-Haves

The Holidays are here and that means so many fun, festive things that we get to enjoy! From christmas scents, to puffy scarves (with black leather jacket), to the best tea ever, to traditions that we all have, here are a few of the holiday treats that you must have. Holiday Must-Haves Rodin Lipgloss $34. This floral scented natural lip balm is great for holiday parties for that nude look, ...

Office Supplies Every Girl Needs!

Office supplies every girl needs. Office supplies light me up. Whether it's a new journal, gold star stickers or flowers on my desk, creating an atmosphere around your work area is key for your work space! You can do amazing work when you're inspired. These are some of my favorite office supplies that I think every girls needs. Gold star stickers for your I Get To ...

Travel Bag Essentials

I remember creating my vision board years ago when I registered Fierce Forward as a business and really began treating it like a company. I put photos of places like Africa, Colorado, California and girls in road trippin' cars with their hands out the windows. Two years ago, I began traveling for my job by going to Festivals and Meetups and today, I'm taking 10 trips for work and 2 ...