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How To Set A Daily Mantra

What we believe, has an electricity to it. It can either light the way or it can short circuit and keep you in the dark. What I know to be true is that we all have choice, and this is the beauty of our Lives, is that we have the ability to choose what we will be and how we will Live. Every morning, I lay in bed, with my ...

Sometimes you just have to Reinvent Yourself!

Exactly two Tuesdays ago, I was questioning what in the hell I was doing in my Life. While I do consider myself killing it in the forward movement of what I give myself to career wise, I find myself circling back around to asking, "how am I showing up for me?" I sat down and journaled (pen to paper) how I was feeling, what I felt was missing, what I ...

The Happy List and How To Make One

Happy List: the song 32 Flavors coming on while getting ready this morning ? knee-high boots ? tomorrow is date night! ? Tuesday mornings coffee with mom ? my gram texting me affirmations each morning (she loves Emojis!) ? going to meet someone new today ? the leaves telling me it's good to let go ? neon beads I'm entertaining for a new Collection ? getting snail mail & a ...