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The Guts To Start Over

"Don't be afraid to start over. Be excited! It's a chance to rebuild your life the way you wanted all along." Starting over takes guts man. And anyone who says you shouldn’t try something new or do the thing that’s in your heart to do is someone who wishes they could. Life is way too precious to let others scare you out of the life you want. Listen to your ...

January Intentions & How To Set Yours

We stayed in last night and rang in the new year by setting intentions. My January Intentions are all about aligning with my Self, unsubscribing to things that don’t propel me forward and subscribing to myself✨ It’s never too late to reinvent or realign yourself with what’s true and right for you. Happy intention setting! ⠀⠀ Write Your Monthly Intentions Sit down with good tunes, no distractions and a bunch ...

10 Lessons We Learned From Moving Cross Country & Back

Last Saturday, we pulled into Indianapolis, Mark in the Uhaul and me and Axel in the jeep. A little over a year ago, we left Indiana to see what else was out there. At the time, Mark and I were both curious to see if we should try something we've always wanted to try: move to another part of the country. We were two years into a house I truly loved ...