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That Time I Was Told I Wasn’t Fit Enough

I took this photo on location in Arizona for a Fitness Model Retreat in 2013. I was a size 6 here and wouldn't even eat a strawberry for it was a "carb". I remember standing there, next to the other girls, all in our tiny swim suits and as the sun reflected onto the background, the photographer called everyone to the spot to be photographed individually. When I got there, ...

5 Fitness Girls on instagram who are crushing it!

For the past 7 years, I have used social media to connect with others and empower women to crush their goals and Fierce Forward in their lives! The women in this post all have a large number of followers, which would be very difficult to replicate. Although it could be possible if you use an instagram growth service. And at one point, when Instagram showed up on the scene, I ...

This Week’s Inspiration

Things that have been inspiring me this week have been my more recent time on Pinterest in the morning, pinning and getting inspired to create a new Vision for myself. In less than two weeks, I will be taking a two week trip across the country. I will be road tripping it with a friend to Boulder and then back to Vermont for Yoga Festivals. In road trips and traveling ...

Happy List

Happy List: + being on vacation in a tropical place + finding this fedora + low cut, black one piece & not being afraid to show a little cleavage + having fun with myself + palm trees available in all directions + downloading The Wallflowers and listening on repeat + my new Planner with lots of colors! + a stack full of colorful armor, so beach ready + movie-making again ...