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Real Talk: Getting Grounded in Nature

Lately, with the warm weather coming, I have been creating little outside oasis’s from finding vintage bistro chairs for outside morning coffee to a lemon tree for our outside porch sitting area! Our surroundings can really shape our mood and how we feel in our environment is always something I’ve been connected to. It is […]

Wall of Fierce Intention

Words. Words possess an energy, mean something different to each of us and have withstood the test of time. I often think back to the days when people began constructing and creating words and then later on when they wanted to create even more words. Did they sit down at a table over hot toddies […]

Our Fierce Living Room

When we first started looking for a home, we knew from Mark’s first home our must-haves. We knew we wanted high ceilings, personality and a home that felt right when we walked in. We found our home on a hill in the woods and I posted a photo of my feet on the bricks saying, […]

How to Organize A Healthy Fridge

I always love that feeling of doing a full on clean out of your fridge, wiping it down, disinfecting, and finding a way to create a more inviting space for the foods we love.  This time, I wanted to do it fiercely!  I went to Marshalls, Target and TJ Maxx and found some key organization […]