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My Yoga Journey

I remember the first day of class, I came in to the room and was so excited to start something new and learn to be better. I was amped! I thought I was going to kill it at yoga, especially in the power poses and then that first day, I was in warrior pose and heard the pounding of the sweat dripping from my face, down to the mat. (I ...

My 3 Biggest Aha Moments From Being Certified Yoga Instructor

Yesterday marked the halfway point of my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. My Why behind taking this Certification was for two reasons: to learn how to practice yoga on my own to manage Anxiety & to teach Yoga at my annual Fierce Retreats. I remember the first class, I came in on the second week, as I was traveling for my Life/Goal Coaching Certification (this is most likely why I ...

3 Easy Ways to Be A Meditation Rockstar

Meditation has become a way of life for each of my days.  Meditation is that little voice pulling me to disconnect, to silence the world around me, to take to nature and to flee inward. It is something that I have had to force myself into as it is not an easy feat to just begin meditating. I wrote a post on my personal experience with Anxiety, which may help ...

My Favorite Yoga Mat

 Me and yoga are going to get together because it always makes me feel so good after practicing it. It has been some time since I have practiced it on a habitual schedule and I am ready to get back to it. Yoga creates so much space where there is clutter and makes me feel lifted when I leave a session. Speaking of yoga, I recently received this amazing yoga ...