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Chain Link Fence Adventure

You know it’s a small world with big connections when two women of Fierce Forward told me about the girl with the message fence (that I should meet her) and that the girl with the message fence also found the FF Armor on the Fashion Luxe Wagon before we even met, her first Armor being Purpose. Jessica (aka the girl with the message fence) who I now refer to as one badass babe changing the world, one person at a time with her personable, infectious personality. We connected weeks back and wanted to both meet for coffee and chat about all things Entrepreneurial and Women Empowerment and also create a message on her infamous fence in South Bend, Indiana. I knew immediately what the message would be and since she gave me open reign (love her!) I got my head in the game and got the hot pink spray paint to do something different and Fierce.


Our Meet Moment

I rock up at Jessica’s house and see a girl wearing a yellow leather jacket with a waist tie and immediately think Almost Famous (instantly at home with her) and then she turned around with a big smile and huge blue eyes and we embraced. She walked me through her home, we chatted about her photography and one piece in particular that I was drawn to, a photograph of a frog doing a tree pose (seriously) half under water and half above water. She shared the story of how she captured it and we walked out and went to work. I’m going to change that last part as I share a moment I had as we were putting the cups in the fence. We went to play, yes, that’s it.


Putting the Message in the Fence

As we began planning out the placement of the letters on the fence, I started asking Jess questions about how she came to begin this message fence that she calls Chain Link Chatter (follow her messages here!) & other messages she has put on the fence. I learned that one of Jess’ favorite messages was Make That Change, that was inspired by Michael Jackson’s death. Another one was, ” You Do Know” which was a pat on the back if you will for all of us that although sometimes we don’t think we know the answers, we do know. I also learned that many people are environmentally conscious about the use of styro foam cups but the reason Jess uses them (and reuses the same ones for a year and a half, seriously the cups we pulled out were yellow and shrinking) is because her great grandmother invented styrofoam, then styrofoam cups were created and she never got credit for it, so this is Jess paying homage to her grandmother who she loved dearly. Also, she is very conscious of reusing them and because the Chain Link Chatter fence resides on her property, she can manage this mindfully. She recommends if you do this activity on a local fence, to first call the owner of the fence/property and ask them permission then do your due diligence of removing the cups when you choose to take your message down. The cups do not come out easily and it’s important you push them in far enough so that they do not move. They are firm and grounded in their new space just as the message is in its delivery.


Creating a Chain Link Fence Message

We hope this inspires you to find a way to get your message out to the world, to your local town or even just to one person by sharing your message verbally. We recommend you use your own personal fence to start or scout for a fence then get permission before using someone else’s fence. Then, be mindful of the cups and clean up by removing them when you are finished.

Read on for my big takeaway on this Adventure and check out the photos from the day!
IMG_8880My message, naturally. My message is both what it means to me and how you choose to interpret Fierce Forward. My message is to never stop moving forward, to unleash your inner Fierce and to live YOUR Fierce Life NOW!


IMG_8009Jessica pushing the cups in, with a big happy smile!

IMG_8883After our Chain Link Chatter Fence Adventure, we headed over to our local coffee shop, had a cup of soup and caprese sandwich and chatted over a hot latte. For the record, I had never met Jess before and so today, I went to a woman’s house who I never met before and did something I have never done before. Talk about an act of Fierce! I drove away after we embraced and planned our next coffee chat and thought, what if I didn’t do that. I would have missed out on this awesome girl, doing awesome things and the chainlink fence adventure and that would have been alot to miss out on!

IMG_8885Kahli showed up at the very end and snapped these great photos of me and Jessica. Then we all took a selfie, naturally.


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