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Checkin With Ash: 4 Weeks In

6 pound scale difference


Hey guys!

I wanted to take a minute to checkin and share with you what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and my progress. One month ago, I took my “before” photos for Bodybuilding.com’s annual 250k Transformation Challenge. I knew it was something I was ready to do for myself.

The photo on the left was the day we arrived in Austin (from Indiana) and moved into our new home. Before we got to Austin, I knew I had to start focusing on me and my health again because I was feeling so uncomfortable in my skin and in my spirit, like there was still this piece of me not whole and complete. It was a piece of me I just put on the back burner to focus on other things that seemed more important like: running a business, preparing to move, a family emergency that needed me and just getting through.

This is not my first time gaining and losing weight. It’s a rollercoaster ride I know very well and about a month after the excitement of the move wore off, I got really honest with myself about where I was and where I want to be and wrote this down: I’m making this a lifestyle that lasts a lifetime. I was so tired of reliving my past, gaining weight, putting myself on the back burner and I knew I needed to do this once and for all and I mean, really do it, if I was ever going to do it. The time was now.

I’ve been working so hard and at the same time, I’ve found the fun in the journey again! I have a new relationship with the gym. It’s no longer something I “have to do” it’s something I “get to do.” It’s something that brings me so much empowerment, growth and strength. That along with stress management, putting myself first every day, making balanced and healthy choices and building an attitude that will move me forward when it gets tough vs. hold me back…these are the things that have been my focus and that I’ve been building on. I have two months left to continue making more progress for my final after photo that I will submit to Bodybuilding.com. My goal in all of this is to work hard, to have fun doing it and to do my best. I know if I do that, if I keep trying and don’t give up, that I’m fiercing forward for me. For the longest time, I was sharing my passion and running a business off fumes. I did my best and really gave it my all but at the expense of me. And when that happened, I wasn’t able to shine my light, I wasn’t able to truly help others because I wasn’t helping myself. And that’s one of the biggest lessons I learned from that journey, is that, to be of service to others and to give of ourselves, we first must always give to ourselves. And that’s what I’m doing. And I have to say, I’m finding my passion and fire again for what it means to Fierce Forward and I’m discovering that through my own movement. Isn’t that always the way…

My current mantra: Fierce Forward!

The Limitless Bracelet I wear daily: Fierce Forward

Favorite quote right now: “What’s standing between you and the life you desire is the story you tell yourself.” ~unknown

The question I ask myself when I’m stuck in my past, in worry, in complaint or on a problem: Is this Fiercing Forward Ash?

I’ll be checking in again in one month and then with my final 12 week checkin! I’d love to hear from you, comment below if you are Fiercing Forward for you, if this resonated with you or you need support in your journey. I’m honestly so happy to be sharing myself and my journey again and so grateful.

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    @kathleen, yes, it’s a real thing to prioritize yourself first and foremost! Good luck, you SO got this. Consistency is everything. Keep it up chica, I sure will!

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    Thank you so much for sharing this. Good luck on your journey! You are my inspiration. I, too, struggle with putting myself first and taking care of me and I go up and down with my weight. I’m about 10-15 pounds more than my goal weight and just rejoined weight watchers. Please keep us posted on your journey.❤️

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    We are in this together! To make sure we take care of ourselves and live our truth! Thank you for being YOU.

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    Thank you for your kind words<3 <3 <3

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    YOU are truly an inspiration! I love the quote! Thanks for always motivating me to always know that any day you can begin again! #realtalk

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    Thank you for sharing this! I know it’s not easy to put ourselves and our vulnerabilities out there, but that is how you inspire others, as you’ve done me! I am on a similar journey (as you know) and I used to be SO drained from doing for everyone else and never giving that same care, time, or attention to mySelf, my health, or my wellbeing. My outsides began to reflect the low-frequency vibes, negative unhealthy thinking, and poor habits that I was fueling myself with, and that was no way to treat the one vessel that I get to carry me through this life!

    Now, thanks to daily rituals, meditation, gratitude, positive inspiration, the Fierce Forward community, and a few other amazing support groups I am a part of, I realize that I must redirect my focus, my time, and my attention to me FIRST so that I may, like you said, shine my light for others.

    💕 you are an amazing leader and I know you will achieve every goal you strive for because you are not afraid to fail to move forward. Gratitude and love, always.