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Crystal Shelf DIY


Gemstones, geodes, crystals and all things natural have been something that are finding their way into my Life. It all started with the African Trade Beads I use to make the Fierce Forward Armor, then it was the Himalayan Salt Lamp and then the Spirit Collection and my travels to Boulder that I really began to see the ball rolling even faster in my love for these beautiful pieces from the earth. They all have so many, individual meanings but as one that was a gift (desert rose), two I found at antique stores and another I got at the flea market to symbolize angels (I think of my gramps), they really find a way to come into your Life if you start pursuing an interest in them.

I really wanted to find a way to display them somewhere other than my office bookshelves that are hidden from the rest of the house and so, with the help from my aunt who is an interior designer, I decided on white floating shelves to house them. I ordered the perfect white floating shelves that you can get here. The total cost of the project was $100 for the two shelves! Below is how I hung them myself and how you can create a Crystal Shelf yourself, too!


  1. Find the Perfect Spot. I had already been scouting the perfect area and my aunt gave me the idea to stack them where they are off center from one another.
  2. Put your tool belt on and gather these tools: pencil, electric screw driver, stud finder, level, ruler and a person to help you hold the shelves when you need to make sure the measurements are all aligned straight. Don’t worry, if you feel this already seems daunting and you’ve never used an electric screw driver before, it really is very simple and here is an easy tutorial for you!


3. Follow the Instructions & Hang the Shelves. As you begin, remember to pace yourself and look at one step at a time. For me, this felt daunting at first and I just wanted them hung but then I thought about this being a great practice of Life, of taking it slow and one “day” at a time so to speak. One step at a time, be all there and do my best. Handy work like hanging shelves is like baking, especially if you want them straight, you really need to follow the instructions and take your time for precision.

4. Celebrate. When I finished the shelves, I stepped back and really felt empowered, in a whole new way on a new level. These shelves are large if you end up getting these, they are about two inches thick and they are long so when they sat unpacked on the ground, I immediately felt I couldn’t do it, but then I got an itch to go after it without asking my dad or friend to come over and help like they normally do with handy work. So I text my dad and truly, felt empowered. I was excited for days, every time I saw the shelves I felt a boost of confidence and here’s the thing, when you do something new and something you feared doing or doubted yourself about, you gain confidence because it empowers you once you know you can do anything you set your mind to. This might even call for a glass of champs!


5. Gather your Crystals, Stones & a Plant. I gathered all my stones and it took me about an hour to get it right and choose the right colors in the right space and I even ran out and got this cactus and I finally ended up with this arrangement. My advice for arranging your Crystal Shelf is to go with what feels good to you. What colors next to one another make you feel good? Also, feel free to add a picture frame or anything that feels right for you! Get creative.

Have fun!

IMG_7061Photos by Ashley Johns

Coming up on the blog: the crystals I have on this shelf and their meanings & a reveal of our home makeover!