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Day 2, Detoxing My Life

Day 2 Detoxing my Life

So I’ve decided that this detox and my results that I will get back soon from the Hormonal/Stress/Food Allergy testing are going to give me a lot of answers and a fresh start anew.

Day 2 and I’m trucking along!  This morning I felt less bloated than normal and loved it!  I taught my High Intensity Class this a.m. did the workout with them without feeling tired or sluggish.

Here is what I am doing on my detox:

No sugars (except fruit–2 small handfuls per day, berries only)
No alcohol, no problem I say;)
No processed foods
No caffeine
No gluten
Drinking tons of water (half of my bodyweight in ounces which I do anyways)
Doing best to eat all organic protein and wild fish (this is hard as the organic chicken is very $$, since I don’t have money spilling out of my pocket at this point in my life I am opting for Miller’s Chicken, which is the closest I can get to Organic.  All natural, but not organic.  So clearly, I am not doing the cleanse as 100% as you are supposed to, but I can not maintain that cleanse for a month on organic costs.
I do most of these things anyways, but it’s the no gluten and no caffeine part.



Here are my “start” pictures.  I am retaining some water right now but I do believe that will change once more days accumulate.

You know, what I think I’ve learned is that some people have to work for a fabulous, fit body and some have to work super hard for it.  I believe genetically I was not dealt the card with the fast metabolism, and even because I have been, for most of my life, “10 lbs. around the edges), that my set point does not want to move.  I still believe I can get to anywhere I want to get to, that nothing is set in stone and that with fine tuning and a detailed understanding of what’s going on beneath the surface, that I will get there.  I have the work ethic, the drive and the passion and so a year of trying so many different things and not seeing much results except muscle growth here and there (which is a great thing too), I am really excited to continue trying since I will know what the underlying issues are, if any.  (I’ll be hard pressed to believe something is not going on, but we’ll see)

What I know about myself is I am not afraid to admit my shortcomings and am self aware enough to know if I am in denial and after admitting any shortcomings, such as having a cheat meal and then eliminating that from my diet and still nothing happening, I know I am not denying anything, conscious or subconscious.

If you are not seeing results from your efforts, and I mean more than just trying one thing….and feel discouraged, do not give up.  I believe firmly in examining all routes.  Perhaps, before you spend the money on testing your hormones, food allergies, stress levels, etc, look at amping up your workouts and shocking your body, or writing down what you eat in a food journal.  I also know that things happen as you age and sometimes stress plays a huge part in it, so taking a yoga class and calming your mind and your soul also helps.  Just never give up hope and never say that you can’t do or be something.  For me, this is just another road block that I am tearing down again.  No biggie.  I am just grateful to have learned the tools to not give up and keep trying until you get it.

Ash, Living Fiercely.

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