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December Vision Board


December is one of my favorite months of the year and since we moved to Texas in August, this will be our first holiday season away from my family and all the traditions we’ve been used to over the years back home. Thanksgiving was the first time it really hit home that we were really in a new season of our lives and that instead of feeling sad or at a loss for what we left behind in Indiana, I get to start making new traditions. As I sit and write this, I am looking outside at our community gathering area where there are two palms I say hi to everyday: Bob & Marley! I’ve realized that even when life changes and we feel everything has shifted, while it might be difficult to adjust our sails, we can make the most of it and embrace the winds of change. I was inspired to create this month’s vision board by the idea of being fully present in our lives. To meet yourself exactly where you are and in doing so, rising to the occasion of all that is your life. This month, whatever you’re feeling, whatever you go through, be kind to yourself and others, be present for every moment even the challenging ones and ask yourself what you can learn in what you go through, give of yourself, make yourself a priority and when it’s dark remember that you can always look up at the stars! Happy December,

xo Ashley

“What do I do with the monthly Fierce Forward vision board?”

I create the monthly vision boards as a way to set intention each month! They come out on the first of every month and are free for you to download the jpg or pdf version. You can set them as your computer desktop photo, like the above photo, or as your iphone screensaver or even as your facebook cover photo. Like the Limitless Bracelets, they are a daily reminder you can use to stay focused and moving forward in your life! I just ask that if you share these, you give credit to myself and Fierce Forward as the maker of these art pieces.


All things fierce December


(All vision boards are created by Ashley Johns and are not for resale)

print it, use it on social media cover photos, your desktop screensavor or your iphone wallpaper



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