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Entrepreneur Tip: Create a Vision Board Monthly

When I first registered Fierce Forward as a official business, I had already been in the work of creating something that mattered to me, I just didn’t know that it was going to be a business when I started. I knew what it meant to Fierce Forward in my own life and I wanted to help others feel that in theirs. My vision was clear in the respect of Why I was doing what I was doing but it lacked vision when it came to what I wanted Fierce Forward to become. Over the years, I have learned that one of the single most important parts of being a entrepreneur, is knowing what your highest vision is for your company/brand/mission and always holding that in front of you as your true north. If you don’t have a vision, you’re wandering aimlessly, shooting from the hip.

If you don’t have a target you’re shooting for, you’ll miss every time.

And that’s no bueno when you’re trying to make a difference in the world. If you want to make a difference in the world, you’ve got to know the difference you want to make. You must have a clear vision.

Entrepreneur Tip #4: Create a Vision Board, Monthly

Knowing your vision is not a easy task. It’s an inside job that you either know or you are still discovering. The thing I love to do each month is reconnect, realign and rediscover my vision by creating a monthly vision board for myself. This is a hands on, hearts on activity that will lead you to answers you may or may not know at the moment. It will lead you back to your vision, always. The reason I love creating a vision board each month is that our vision can shift and grow as we do the same in our own lives. And if we don’t check in with our vision and see where it’s landing each month, it could very well become the wrong vision for you over time. While your vision may stay grounded in the main foundation you created it in, parts of it will always eb and flow. This is key in staying tight-knit with your vision. Again, it’s not about shooting from the hip, it’s about knowing the exact target you’re shooting for and even if the wind is blowing the target, you still know exactly where it is.

Even if you are not yet a entrepreneur and your passion is to be, creating vision before is the exact thing vision is. Vision is the way to becoming. You become your vision.

To create a vision board, grab magazines, scissors, a poster board (you choose the size!) and a stick of glue (glue sticks are best for vision boards). Turn on some music you love, light a candle, be outside and make sure you have limited distractions. This is your time and it’s important you have a sense of peace within this time, to focus wholeheartedly on your vision. Once know your vision for your business, you can sit down each month and cut out what speaks to you and inspires you, adding to your vision and seeing how that fits into your vision as a whole.

Example: Maybe the word “fun” keeps appearing and you want to add more fun in your business life or the way you communicate your message.

If you’re trying to identify with your message, my suggestion is to go through as many magazines as possible and as you think about your business, cut out what speaks to you. For example, if your business is selling essential oils and women joining arms and women empowerment is a theme in your pile, maybe you want to work solely with women and you also want to tie a message into your oils that empowers women in some particular way. That way you could find as you continue your search through magazines or even the next month as you do your next vision board. Let the vision board each month guide you and speak to you. Our answers are always within.

When was the last time you’ve done a vision board and will you incorporate this into your schedule each month? Comment below.

Vision boards at the September Retreat in Vermont







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