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Buy Flowers for Yourself

“Stop watering the weeds in your life and start watering the flowers.” unknown

Entrepreneur Tip #2: Flowers for Yourself

No matter what space you work in, when you add flowers, you add a big dose of happy. While I don’t get myself flowers every week, I normally will pick a bunch up every month or so. I am a huge advocate of surrounding yourself with things that make you happy and only things that make you happy. If you don’t like it, use it or appreciate it…get rid of it. And if it adds something to your life like flowers do for me and many people, then do more of it. Being a entrepreneur, many of us work from home and I have found that changing my space regularly along with making certain I feel happy in my space, makes a huge impact on my work.

Flowers always brighten up a room. One of my favorite rituals is to get them on a Monday along with groceries. I come home, put the groceries away and then arrange the flowers, taking the time to cut the ends on a diagonal, place them until they fit together nicely and then find the perfect spot for them. It’s a time I make to feel grateful and appreciative of the flowers, of my life and of just being present with the activity and nothing else. And for all the girls who are waiting for their man to buy them flowers, stop waiting and start buying them for yourself. Mark thinks flowers are a waste of money because they die but for me, I see much more value in them as they bring a feeling to my world each day they are alive. I buy them for myself and each time I do, I tell myself something I appreciate about something I’ve done that week, how I handled a tough situation or something I’m proud of. It’s my gift to myself. Another way I’ve looked at flowers is as a celebration. When we accomplish one thing, it’s so easy to move on to the next without skipping a beat and as a result, forgetting to celebrate our success! That’s so important to me, to celebrate more in my life and take the time to do so. Flowers have also become a emblem of celebration for me. The beauty is that they can mean for you, what you most appreciate and need in your life at any moment!

This week, take a special trip to get a bouquet of flowers for yourself and celebrate something about you that you are proud of.

Do you buy yourself flowers?

Flowers placed on our living room table, where I often do work





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