"Read every single day. even if it's 10 pages before bed. reading expands your perspective, makes you think DIFFERENTLY and asks you to grow."

Ashley Johns

Books for Life & Self Growth

These are the books I've read and reread over and over again. Some have coffee stains inside the pages and most have turned corners, reminding me to go back to the gems when needed. These are the books that remind me of the power I have within. They're each sacred to me because they've helped me come home to what I already know deep down in my core. I hope they impact you as much as they have me.

For Entrepreneurs & Heart Workers

Becoming an Entrepreneur was an accident that came from following my heart. I fell in love with what mattered most to me and then sharing that with the world in hopes to help one person think differently, see differently and maybe even start living differently. That's what these books taught me in relation to life and entrepreneurship.

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