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Fierce Forward


Fierce Forward is a Mantra, a Movement & a Brand devoted to empowering people to Live their Fiercest Life, to be their Fiercest Self and to do it Now!

To Fierce Forward is to live your Fiercest Life, to be your Fiercest Self, to love yourself, to be good to other women, to practice daily self care, to live with intention, to dream big and then go make it happen, to believe in yourself and all your limitless-ness, to know that you have choice in all you do and to never, give up by always moving Fiercely, Forward!

I created Fierce Forward as a way to help me move forward to what I wanted in my Life & for myself! I knew that I had to put a Fierce face on and act As If I already was that woman I envisioned, living that Life I wanted and then to take one step forward every day. It became a motto for how I live my Life and over the years, has become a way of Life for people all around the World. I am humbled and grateful every day to be able to put my heart behind something that is helping others live their Fiercest Life & be their Fiercest Self. Thank you, for being here. You are here for a reason and I want you to know that you are Limitless and that YOU CAN Live your Fiercest Life & be your Fiercest Self and do it NOW. It begins with possibility & choice. Read the story of Fierce Forward to see this possibility in action: how a seed of an idea can grow into something Fierce, just like the possibility of you! Join the Sisterhood group and begin connecting to like-minded women NOW & subscribe to the newsletter to get motivation and empowerment straight to your inbox, below!



Fierce Forward began on January 1st, 2009, when I realized that I could continue to live my Life like a zombie or I could choose to move forward. I will never forget that day as it was the day I hit rock bottom and it was also the day, that I clawed myself up, out of that dark hole. I knew what I no longer wanted and I also decided what I did want. I slipped on a bracelet to remember my commitment to myself, threw away all the crappy food in my cupboards, created my first Vision Board and I devoted myself to my happiness. The first year, I lost forty pounds, became a Spokesmodel for Bodybuilding.com and began traveling the US, sharing my story of Transformation.

I created the Mantra Fierce Forward along my Journey that first year, as a way to move forward into the Life I wanted and the woman I wanted to be! This path of moving forward presented its challenges that showed up big, as Fear, mostly. I remember so many times being so afraid to take another step forward, being afraid of the progress I was making. It played over and over in my mind, “What if I can’t own that woman I become and what if I can’t own the Life I create?” I knew that I had to act as if I already was her and I already was living that Life, to put on a Fierce face and then continue to take one step forward each day…Fierce Forward.

Creating this Mantra gave me a fuel to the fire of my Life and of my being. I began really living this intention and using it as a tool to propel me forward to my goal of always moving forward in my Life and for my Self. I started a facebook page to help others realize that they, too, are limitless and they can change their lives like I did! I posted every day, I shared myself by sharing my challenges and my triumphs in my Fierce Forward Movement and slowly, Fierce Forward began to grow.


In 2013, I created a separate space where women could come together to find even more support, empowerment and inspiration and the Tribe was born. Today, the Fierce Forward Sisterhood roars 2700 women, moving forward in their Lives & for themselves.

At the same time, I had been passionately creating a tool to assist people in their Fierce Forward movement, behind the scenes for over a year. And then in 2014, I launched the first ever Collection of Intention Armor, hoping my Community would love them and having no idea that this idea and this tool, would allow me the opportunity to leave my day job in Corporate America and would help so many people in their goals and their journey.

As soon as I left my job, everything began opening up. I created the first Fierce Forward Meetup, where women from the Sisterhood joined me for a day of Yoga, Running for a Cause, Vision Boarding, Goal setting and creating connections that would be a source of continued support on their way forward.

I began speaking at events about my personal story of overcoming challenge and about Fierce Forward. As the Brand was growing and evolving, so was I. I began offering Projects of Empowerment called the Sisterhood Journal Projects and now, they are bi-annually, focusing on everything from Letting go of the Past to Channeling your Power.


Fierce Forward soon hit the road for Festivals, where the Armor began spreading like wildfire throughout the Yoga Communities. Shortly after, I knew that I wanted to lead women in a retreat space where I could goal coach, teach yoga and offer a time in their year where they can disconnect so they may reconnect to creating, being and going inward. The annual Retreats are a sold out event that provides the Tribe with a sacred space where they can refocus themselves on their Fierce Forward movement!

Today, Fierce Forward is a Way of Life for men and women worldwide! It is a space you can come for everything you need to Fierce Forward to your Fiercest Life & your Fiercest self. I welcome you with open arms and invite you to:

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