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Fierce Friday’s: Things that are Fierce This Week

photo 2More and more I have been tuning into natural, raw, real, earth, organic, farmer’s market, etc and credit this to beginning my green smoothie daily ritual two weeks ago. It makes me feel more connected to what I put in my body and makes me feel proud to give back to my body in this nutritious way. Recently, I went to the doctor and they shared that everything including your environment, what you eat, anything that goes on your skin, what you breathe in and even your thoughts can give to your body or harm your body. I was excited to find this Natural Deodorant with a purple skull and cross lavendar on the front, which instantly caught my attention. You can find this deodorant at your local Whole Food’s Markets. I use it and love it. It’s vegan, organic and handmae.

photo 1I’ve been so into lighting a candle every morning and sometimes even during the work day. It just helps bring a calm to the room and scents are endless. It gives me great pleasure to find a unique scent like my most recent candle purchase from Target in Pear & Mint by Pure Natural.

57c1c74c2128d87715dabd3acfbedf0fThinking about making a few of these for the Fierce Shop. Dreaming of cacti & summer vibes…

photo-19 copyBeen hitting the pavement more and tying it into jump roping circuits. Here is my favorite hiit circuit: 100 skips with 2 minutes fast paced running, rest 30 seconds and hydrate then repeat a total of 8 times.

IMG_6711Speaking of Cacti, I will be putting together a little cacti in your home segment post that will make you want to run out to your local nursery and find the perfect cactus for your home! Stay tuned.

Happy Fierce Friday, Ash