Do you love yourself, fiercely?

Or have you forgotten how to love you?

Are you filling your cup every single day or do you feel you have nothing left to pour at the end of the day? Do you feel confident, proud of yourself and happy with who you are or do you feel out of touch with who you are and where you're going? Do you feel like you're in the practice of fiercely loving yourself or do you feel super disconnected from your own self love and care?

You can't pour from an empty cup. You can try and try and try and then crash & burn. It feels horrible to be empty, to have nothing left to give, to feel disconnected and unsure how to get your mojo back.

I created this for you! I've been there too many times to count. I couldn't move forward because I was so drained, exhausted and literally had nothing left to give. I gave myself to everything but myself and eventually I couldn't even find my direction. I had to build a way to create a lasting change once and for all and once I started loving myself on the daily, everything changed because I changed. Everything else got better because I got better. I got better because I gave myself what I needed to be happy, fulfilled and proud of me. I put a steak in the ground and put myself on the front burner. I started fiercely loving myself the way I truly needed me to! And by excavating my self love, I am able to be here to support you in your excavation!

This Valentine's Day, you're not expecting flowers or candies or kisses because you got your own sweet-love-fest going on! This year and every year moving forward, it's about starting a journey of self love for you. It's about giving to you and filling your cup so that you are full from the inside out! This year, you're coming in first, you're going to be more confident and connected to yourself than ever before. Think of this as your Valentine's day gift to yourself and yes, you deserve it!

On February 14th, your 14-day self love renovation begins. You are going to be proud of yourself and learn to be your biggest cheerleader! You're going to learn fresh new ideas on how to best take care of you so you don't fall into the trap of putting yourself on the back burner. You're going to be happier and you're going to have fun doing it!

Whether you need a self love tuneup or a complete renovation overhaul, Fierce Self Love Bootcamp will give you the tools you need to feel happier, to put yourself first each day and to create new habits that will keep you grounded in your truest love of 



"By supporting myself, my best self emerges." 

~Ashley Johns

It's time for you to fix your gaze fiercely on you, Queen. It's time to put on your crown, step up on the pedestal of your life and take care of you so you can thrive and be your most whole self. Sometimes all we need is guidance and a self love renovation to get back to ourselves!

You will receive a daily self love email from me for 14 days. Inside every email there will be a detailed lesson on how to create lasting self love, a journal prompt and a daily self love assignment to complete (think goddess baths, flowers and lots and lots of kindness acts), and self love inspiration to keep you inspired! You will learn new self love habits that you can use now and moving forward in your life, including the art of having a Daily Ritual Practice! And most importantly, you will connect within by taking time every single day devoted solely for you. All you have to do is open your email from me each day, read my inspirational love note to you and follow the self love prompt. Whether you are in dire need of learning how to fill your own cup first or you are just here for a self-love tuneup...I am your guide for these 14 days of fierce self love and I've got your back! 

Scroll down for all Bootcamp deets laid out.

This has been a journey of self discovery. As I write this and reflect back on how far I have come and how much I have grown as a person, I am so damn proud of myself. I am thankful, grateful and forever inspired by Ash and what she does to help people at Fierce Forward. Today, I left my job in corporate America to chase my dream of empowering others to feel confident in their skin and go out there and live the life they were meant to live and I seriously couldn't be happier!

Tanya DB

Self Love Kit

(first 7 babes who purchase the Kit get a special gift from me!)

Get your Kit here along with the course

•  2 self-love limited edition Limitless Bracelets

•  Fierce Forward tummy & heart heat-pad filled with lavender

I was so driven by fear and not taking the time for myself. Through taking Ash's course, I learned that I need to connect deeper with who I am. After the course, I have a stronger sense of self. Ashley, thank you for giving me the tools! I feel like my soul has woken up.

Laura K

The Details

Bootcamp dates: February 14th - February 28th

•  Everyday for 14 days, you will receive a love-packed email, laced with lessons & new habits on loving yourself fiercely

•  Guide to creating your Self Love Ritual Practice

•  Daily prompts that will empower you to fill your cup

•  Downloadable Self Love Vision Board to print and frame

•  Access to our private facebook group

*Get your Self Love Kit to have everything you need to begin on Valentines Day!*

What you can expect in each email

In every email, you will feel empowered to think differently about how you love yourself and inspired to find your self love within. I'm going to share the doorway into my own self love revolution that inspired this course! I will be sharing a honest and personal story each day of how I came to learning how to love myself along with inspiring stories of loving yourself from other women of the world. You will have a quote of the day to repost on social media or keep for yourself and a daily prompt to follow that will embody the lesson of the day. 


1. What do we need to do to take part in Fierce Self Love Bootcamp?

Ahh!!! Take a girl's trip (you and yourself!) to TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target or Home Goods and get yourself a self love journal (that you'll use over and over again during & after these 14 days)! Open your email everyday beginning on February 14th to receive a love note from me that will inspire you to think differently about how you give to yourself and the world. Follow the daily prompt and that's it!

2. Will the Self Love Kit arrive before the start date of February 14th and do I get the Kit with the Course?

If you are within the United States and signup & order before February 7th, you will receive your kit before February 14th. You will receive tracking once it ships! The Self Love Kit is sold separately from the course and is an add-on for anyone taking this course. The heat pad will not be sold individually outside of this kit for the time being due to limited quantities available. The bracelets are exclusive to this project.

3. Will the prompts take a ton of my time?

The prompts will be activities that will not take a ton of your time however, the more time you put into each prompt, the more you will get from the day's lesson!

If you have any other questions, shoot me an email at

More Testimonials

As time went on, I got complacent and forgot to continue to take care of myself. There you were, reminding me to get back to me and my purpose - once again, just when I needed it. I am truly grateful to you for being a part of my healing.