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Fierce Woman Interview: JoAnna Tobias

Fierce Forward has grown into a Community of Fierce Women who are growing, connecting with one another, fiercely warrioring (yes, I made that word up) through challenges, overcoming fears, choosing positivity and fiercing forward. This Fierce Woman Interview Series is an Interview between FF Ambassador, Kimberly Hill Neils and the Fierce Sister that we have seen make huge forward progress in her Life and truly, live a Fierce Life! It is my pleasure to introduce you to JoAnna Tobias:

1. Kim: How long have you been following Fierce Forward?

JoAnna: I’ve followed FF for about a year? My friend Brandi Hidalgo Vargas posted a pic of her armor on FB and I was hooked!!

2. What is your favorite thing about Fierce Forward?

The like-minded fitness vibe, it’s always motivating, encouraging and positive, even when I’m moving less than a slug.

3. What is your favorite inspirational quote or mantra you repeat to yourself to work through tough times?

“Never give up…ever…ever!”

4. What is your favorite piece of armor and why?

Create – I had an armor epiphany one day about what it means to me, I can create the life I want, I just have to make it happen. I wear it almost every day as a reminder.

5. If you could have dinner with 3 people past/present who would they be?

My friend Jason (passed when we were 17), Buddha and Wayne Dyer….that was hard!

6. What is your favorite workout?

TRX or lifting weights.

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7. What does Fierce Forward mean to you?

It means I’ll never be alone again. No matter what I’m going through, there will be at least one fierce chic that has my back. FF is pretty fucking amazing!!! I’m so grateful I took the leap and joined the group.

8. Do you have a favorite female role model?

My stepdaughter, she is one of the fiercest females I know! She’s 24, a P.A., member of the Air Force National Guard, has a great job and has worked VERY hard to be a success in everything she does.

9. What fierce goal are you looking to rock in 2016?

OMG, it makes me anxious just to type/say it…I want to start coaching this year. Correction – I WILL start coaching this year.

10. What have you accomplished recently that you were hesitant about?

I finished my certification to be a Weight Management Specialist, the phone call from Ashley & Kahli last month gave me the final push I needed.

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