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Boss Babes: The Girls of Ohm K

I believe so fiercely that as women, we should support, empower and uplift one another in Life. We need each other! I see so many women empowering other women through life, business, actions, friendship, a facebook post & our fierce projects that I decided to highlight one woman each month and recognize her for her work in Empowering Women. This Series is called Fierce Women. Meet Katie & Katharine, two women ohm-bent on empowering women to seek wellness through their brand, OhmK.

I was thumbing through my facebook feed one rainy day and saw an article from Elephant Journal glancing up at me from the screen and then I saw her. Katharine was doing a pose, with her long hair flowing down by her arms and the title The Past 7 Months, What I Lost & What I’m Finding, grabbed my attention as if to say, come this way Ash. And so I clicked on it, and spent the next twenty minutes reading about her journey of so much in such a short time and her being grateful to be alive through it. (her full article is listed at the bottom of our Interview). I was instantly inspired by her inner fortitude to never give up and to be real, raw and authentic with herself and the world, by sharing her story. I went straight to our Community page at We Are Fierce Forward and shared it with all the girls, telling them, “THIS is what is means to Fierce Forward.” From there, Katharine joined our community, we started chatting and then I found out they own a brand of clothing that I gave each of the girls at the Fierce Forward Retreat, in the dessert of New Mexico and our friendship has grown by way of a simple act of love and support on both of our ends that continues to blossom.


1. Katie & Katharine, how did you get started with OhmK, what was the moment you knew you were on a mission and what exactly is your mission with OhmK if you could put it into five words? We both teach at a small boutique fitness studio in Brooklyn, NY called SYNC Studio. Katharine teaches yoga and Katie teaches cycling. We were brought together one night by our very similar senses of humor. Then we connected over our passion for empowering women. Our mission grew out of those two points of connection. Our mission, to empower women to seek their wellness.

1 copyKatie & Katharine got their very own Fierce Forward Shoes, (in collaboration with artist & friend, Amanda Brady) and their power word they chose: OhmK

2. We have been following one another’s journey for quite some time and I first found you through Katharine’s story/article on ElephantJournal.com. How has Katharine’s journey inspired and connected you even further to what you are doing?As you know from reading Katharine’s article in Elephant Journal and Yahoo Beauty she lost about 20 pounds in about 1.5 months, and has put on about 40 as she’s healed, lost all of her hair, obtained a limp and restrictive movements and some battle scars. This rapid and sudden body change (not to mention all of the immune system weakening) has been a battle form all sides. From change in daily activities, physical capabilities, emotional up hill battles and social engagement. Throughout all of this we’ve learned that body image may always be a battle for each woman now matter how thin, thick, capable or incapable, and that finding the courage to move forward is what makes each of us beautiful.

We’ve become stronger as a unit. Katie’s fierce support of Katharine in her time of complete dependence and need lit the way for us to become resilient and dependable partners in business and friendship.

Ohm K became the escape for Katharine. Having Ohm K to fall into and a community to help cultivate and uplift let her problems slip away for a while. It gave her a creative outlet and a light at the end of her tunnel. We are stronger together and with our community.

3. What are your top three things you prioritize every day that you give your energy to no matter what? What are your Golden Rules? Top three priorities: 1. Laughter 2. Good Food 3. Time to play (this could be spitballing fun ideas, taking a crazy new fitness class, dishing over a bottle of wine. Just letting our souls relax and open to creativity.)

4. How do you conquer fear? From the very beginning we’ve encounter many obstacles that we had no idea how to traverse. We are both first time business owners and have no experience in fashion. Early in our relationship we developed this way of visualizing our path. Every time we come to an obstacle we grasp hands, jump, and keep going. We conquer fear by supporting each other, by believing in each other, and by turing that fear into fuel.

5. If you could tell women of the World one thing to empower them to live their fiercest life and be their fiercest self, what would you tell them? You are enough, right now, in this moment as you are.

6. Do you have a mantra or manifesto for living your life? Our mantra is “it’s all Ohm K.” For us, being Ohm K is about finding love and joy in the present moment. Even when things get tough or hurdles pop up in our path, we acknowledge them, we find the “happy” and we declare, “it’s all Ohm K.”

7. What are your Golden Rules when it comes to separating work from your personal lives? Golden Rule #1 I have to call us out on this…..we SUCK at separating our work and personal lives. Acknowledgement is the first step to acceptance and reconciliation. hahaha Golden Rule #2 – Step away from the computer (and the phone)! Golden Rule #3 – Plan “Friend Dates”. On top of being business partners, we are also very close friends. We have to plan “Friend Dates” where we make a pact to solely hang out and NOT talk about work.

8. How do you define success? To us, success is about living happily in the moment. Finding contentment in the now as opposed to wishing for things or planning to be “happy when…”. Happy when what?! Happy when you get a promotion? Happy when you’re on vacation? Why be “happy when…” if you can be “HAPPY NOW”!

9. What is the one thing you need every day to show up fully and be your fiercest self? A good work and work out session with my business partner! …and then some doughnuts and/or red wine.

FullSizeRenderSupporting my girls by wearing their The Pressure is Good For You Tank at the FF Retreat
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Katharine’s Elephant Journal Article

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