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A Fiery Bold Lip + How to Rock It

Live loud, live bold, live more vividly

The ad campaign for Maybelline’s new Vivid Matte Lip Liquid

While I rarely rock a bold lip, I have been wanting to do more bold things that push me out of my comfort zone. Being in Indiana and normally in my gym clothes since I work from home, I rarely have a time to dress up since I’m not always going to work or to dinner or out on the town (our town is about three blocks long). But then I thought, why do I need a place to go? I want to do it for me and to see if that changes how I communicate my message and do my work each day. Ultimately, to feel better about myself and the time I put into myself. So I got this lip color to do something different and I love it.

Adding a new pop here and there whether it’s a bold lipstick or a blue liner, like this one, it’s an amazing feeling to tell your naysayer voice to shove it and to go for it instead!

why I love it

The color goes on just as is seen in the tube and stays on and does not bleed at all. This is a big pro for me as often times my lips will bleed with a more liquid lipstick. This being a “matte” lipstick, it literally sinks into the pores of your lips and creates a more simple and yet bold appearance on the lips. The color I have is Orange Shot and you can find all colors here or at most drugstores.

how to rock it

Simply put…own it! I prefer keeping my eyes simple so the lips have the attention since this is a big color. Throw on a shirt that you love, some jeans and boots and rock it like you know you got it going on girlfriend, because you do.

Do you have a lip color that makes you feel bold and empowered when you wear it? Comment below, I’m always looking for new shades to rock and love hearing how you are Fiercing Forward for you!

To red punchy lips and going for it,












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    You are most definitely rocking it. I have worn the same exact stick, Cover Girl Shimmering Shell, since 9th grade. I’m sitting here thinking WTH would I do that??? Why. Why. Why? Time for a change.💄