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Follow Your Heart

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Follow your heart.

Making a new move, a tough decision, MAKING A CHANGE, saying no, saying yes: whatever following your heart means for you in this very moment. When you start doing that, you will notice others resisting. They will say, “maybe you shouldn’t,” “really, why would you want to do that?” “are you sure you should do that?” And my personal favorite, “you’ve changed.” As if it’s not for the best and here’s the thing: it just may not be the best for them.

It’s called following your heart for a very important reason, that this life is yours and each one of us has the divine right to choose our path and follow what makes us happy. If you aren’t living your life authentically, you will feel it in everything you do. When you do what is right and best for you and in your heart, no one can touch that, not even your biggest fear or doubt. And if it bothers someone else, that is their resistance to understand.

And when you begin to live authentically, you will notice a shift of people in your life. Yes, yes yes! It is working. Let it flow, let it go and let it be.

Follow your heart and be true to you. That is fiercing forward!

And p.s. For all the people out there who both are and are working to follow their heart, making big a## moves and taking the great leap into the chasm, pat them on the back (pat yourself on the back for being one of them) because these are the change-makers and the ones who are living their fiercest life. What an honor to meet someone who is willing and ready to live that way. People will not understand you because they aren’t ready to, but I do. And you rock. Scroll down to a quote that might resonate.

Have you been following your heart? Comment below I’d love to hear how this message might have made you consider a different way forward.

Happy heart of the week friend,



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    Thanks, Ashley. I will add this quote to my journal and reflect on it. Your kind words and support mean so much. Have a great evening!

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    Thank you for this amazing reply. I just posted on your wall something I think will be a great insight for this move. I think you have it already nailed on the head and I know it will all work out if you are following your heart. There is another quote,
    “As we go along through life, we will approach a great chasm. Leap. It is not as wide as you think.” xoxo Ash

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    Wow! It feels like this was written for me to hear. Our cross- country move is less than 2 months away and I have had so many naysayers questioning why we would leave and start a new adventure. I have to admit it has caused some doubts, (Will we make it? Find jobs we love? Enjoy a simpiler life? Make friends?), but I keep pressing forward. There are moments when my bravado fades, but in following my heart I feel the resurgence to take a leap and trust the journey. It’s in the challenges that I have grown. The only way to do that is to move forward. I have never learned anything staying stagnant or going backwards. Thanks for the encouragement this morning. I was wavering a bit, and your words helped align my thoughts. Have a great day!