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For anyone chasing a dream. Save this and read it every day. 🏷

“They’re coming for you. You better be able to have the stamina and take the heat. They gonna hate you before they love you. An artist says, ‘you know what, I’m gonna sing my song and you’re gonna listen. You can dislike me but I’m not going away. I’m gonna pour my lyrics out. My heart out. I don’t care what you say. Take all of me or nothing.” ~Randy Jackson
Not everyone’s gonna like you or want to hear your song. And sometimes it’s gonna be crickets out there like you’re the only one listening. Fierce Forward. DON’T LET DOWN. Don’t you dare give up.
Dare to be brave and keep going regardless of what’s happening instead. Keep singing your song. That’s how everyone who has gotten anywhere far down the road did it…they just kept singing their song no matter what🦅
xo, Ash

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    Amazing content
    Thanks, I love reading your blog ashley!