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My Favorite Book For Helping With Self Confidence

Having self confidence isn’t something that falls in your lap, it’s something you have to train for and earn! I literally think of it as a sport and that you get just as much out of it as you put into it. And it’s so true.

I grew up not knowing how to train for a positive self esteem. In fact, I got really good at having a low self esteem. That’s actually what I was training for unknowingly. I remember many after school crying sessions with my mom about not feeling good about myself. From something not-so-nice another girl said to me to not being picked for the varsity team in basketball, the view I had of myself was generally that I wasn’t good enough. 

And over the years, I saw this lack of self confidence play out in my life over and over again to a point where, you guys, I finally got tired of living that story! Do you ever feel like you’re so tired of feeling a certain way that you get to the end of your rope?

Yah, that’s what happened to me with this. I started questioning it as I started moving from the need for the outside world to determine my worth. As I let go of the care of what people thought of me to a knowing of what I believe about myself, my confidence began to grow. And honestly you guys, it’s such an amazing feeling to see progress within yourself, especially when it has to do with believing in your self and loving yourself. And I want that for every girl out there. Because once you own that, you become unstoppable.

And just like anything, it’s a lifestyle of practicing positive self esteem day after day and thought after thought. I’m totally talking about the stuff that makes you believe in yourself like: 

positive self mirror talk + facing your fears + standing up for yourself + so many other things

I picked up this book years ago and recently found it in a box while we were going through our belongings last year. Like I do with most books, I highlighted the crap out of this bad girl because there are so many valuable gems in it! I highly recommend picking this book up and reading it in the next two weeks. For now, here are the 7 biggest gems I picked up from this book that I read everyday in my morning ritual time.

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7 Things I Learned From The Book Forging Self Confidence

  1. The most important thing you can have in life is a positive mental attitude. Self confidence is built on a positive attitude. What you think, you become. Don’t underestimate the power of a fierce mental attitude. Your attitude can make you or break you!
  2. Your body is your church, so take care of it! Everything you are is encapsulated in your body. Your spiritual and mental strength is directly related to your physical ability. When you strengthen your body, you strengthen everything else. Treat your body and mind with reverence and devotion. Forge your strength with exercise.
  3. Keep yo boots on the ground. Alot of people say they’re going to do something but then never do it. Don’t just give lip service to yourself and your life, go out there and put the work in and live it. In forging your self confidence, your actions are paramount in not only where you go in your life, but the direction in which you go. With your boots on the ground, your actions should be directed at helping the greater good.
  4. Live your life to accomplish greatness in everything you do. When you push yourself beyond your personal expectations, that’s where you you begin to feel you’re winning at life and you develop an emotional strength that no one can take away from you. Because you earned it. Everyday and in every way, push yourself to win and you will!
  5. Never whine. Seriously, when we whine, what does it actually accomplish except feed the need to affirm we were right (or wronged) in not doing or having something. We lose when we whine. Whining serves no function and it’s a crack in your emotional armor because it allows negativity to fester and spread to other parts of yourself. Never whine, instead, do the opposite. Give thanks for all the greatness in your life.
  6. Set goals and live by them. Setting goals in your life creates the framework for your dreams to come true. If you don’t have your own goals, you allow others to influence the direction you travel in life. You have to have a plan and a direction to follow if you want to succeed in life. And when you have a plan and a direction, your confidence soars because you know where you’re going.
  7. One step at a time. What matters most in our lives is that we enjoy the process. Because it’s in the process that we learn and grow. The journey of life is what shapes you as a human being. Take everything one step at a time and enjoy every step as you watch yourself grow, expand and become more confident along the way!

Don’t forget, you can get Forging Self Confidence and here are some other favorites on self confidence

+ Like She Owns The Place

++ 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

+++ The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

Have you read any of these and if not, what books on confidence/self worth do you recommend to our Tribe, comment below!

Can’t wait to see you Wednesday! xo,

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    Thanks so much Gwen! I’m so happy you love Vitamin P, keep shining babe. xo

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    Loving your Vitamin P newsletter! I’ve told 3 of my friends about it already. Looking forward to following your blog too.

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    YOU ROCK! That is all.

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    I read the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and love that you recommended it here. I’d also recommend Laws of Leadership. Thanks for sharing this, just found Fierce Forward through a friend and I’m loving all the inspo! Leah

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    The tip on ‘whining’ is what I most need to focus on. I know so many people around me who complain and whine when things get tough so it’s hard not to but I want to try. Thank you for these tips and your book list is on point!