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Friday’s Fierce Five

Last weekend marked the final Fierce Forward Meetup of the year, just finishing behind the first ever Fierce Forward Retreat, a four day adventure of Creating Your Fierce that was nothing short of magical. I can’t believe how many places I traveled to this year and how many people I met through these adventures. While all of the traveling was business, I am so grateful for all the amazing opportunities that transpired and am also very excited to take some time to myself. Tomorrow I will be leaving the country and completely disconnecting for seven days. I am very excited to take this time for myself to celebrate this year’s hard work and growth and to reconnect to my Self.
1. Working on focusing my energy to slowing down. This book written by Eckhart Tolle is one I open at random to see what the message I need to hear is.
6V0A90812. Standing in front of the Prayer Tree at Ghost Ranch (the location for the Fierce Forward Retreat). I remember knowing that this year would be the year I would begin to lead retreats (something I’ve been secretly desiring) where women could come to disconnect with their busy lives to reconnect to themselves and at the same time, connect with other women and Create Their Fierce. I created the concept and put the deposit down on the location and there I sat, hand on mouse, ready to click GO LIVE on my Shop page and I just froze up. If you can imagine being there with me, staring at the screen and having this huge fear of, ‘what if no one signs up,’ rush over me. I was terrified but I knew that I had to Fierce Forward and that if I backed down and didn’t Fierce Forward towards what my calling was, towards what I wanted for myself and for others, I would never know. In that moment, that regret outweighed my fear and I turned my fear into Faith, faith that the right women would show up. Hand on mouse, I pressed GO LIVE and here I am above, in a moment Molly, the photographer, captured of me. I went LIVE and boy was I living during these four days!

My message to you is to GO LIVE! and to FIERCE FORWARD towards what you want. Life does not have time for waiting around, but it will give you much time to regret what you didn’t Fierce Forward towards. You may not always be able to fake it til you make it but in moments of difficulty, if you can turn it all to Faith in yourself, you can surely do anything you want you fierce badass, you!

IMG_69393. New cobalt and white beads possibly for a Stack of the Month.

4. I picked up these Frida produce bags in the airport on the way back from New Mexico three weeks ago and love them. I am saving bags by using this when I go grocery shopping and this one and the hot pink put me in a good mood!

IMG_69425. My camera strap. I become more and more patriotic as I get older and this red, blue and white fade spoke to me. It is a symbol to me to remember that Freedom is something to be valued. When I take photos, when I create…I am completely free to be inspired and to make what I will and what I feel like creating!

Have a fierce weekend. Love and Fierce,



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